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  1. Albert

    What to do? Not this season but next.

    Whats up people been a long time since I have been on here to post . Mostly trolling and druelling over some of these bad ass boats. When thru some shit for 2 years and Im back to a semi normal self. Anyways enough of the drama. I have a 1999 24 Laveycraft. This was suppose to be a 2 season boat...
  2. Albert

    Can am rs max had one didnt care for it ditched it

    Honestly I have had both RZR and the can am . Yes the Can am was faster but built like something out of a happy meal. The RZR quaility control is much better . I mean the both are thin metal and plasic but the fit of the RZR was much better
  3. Albert

    Hmm......is this gonna help or nope!

    Ok friend has a 2018 suburban lifted pro comp 8” lift with Idk 35? With the 5.3 engine. Soooooo he bought a 26 ft deck boat triple axle and yeaaaa you already know . He cant do pass 65 mph . I told him your gonna struggle towing that. So would there be a dded benefit to do the following ? 1)...
  4. Albert

    Bought this at the boat show ! Pop up dock

    :cool:Seemed like a great 4 beer in idea when I bought. Fast forward a massive box comes in from ups and Im thinking hmmmm I didn't order anything? This box was like the size of the leg lamp on Christmas story. Opened it up like a little kid on Christmas and went oooh yea forgot about this! So I...
  5. Albert

    Random thought push ups?

    How many can you do in a row? This is the random shit I think of at 4:30 am when I cant sleep o_O
  6. Albert

    Service Companies using tablets

    Any of you guys use tablets for your techs? We use a android based tablet and we are considering going to apple Ipads. Any good or bad with Ipad tablets for service techs ?
  7. Albert

    Blue fin tuna recipes ? Anyone anyone

    Son went fishing and brought me back around 30-40 lbs anyone have a go to recipe?
  8. Albert

    Can Am Xrs Max or whatever the hell you call it

    batt dead after 1 1/2 yr. which battery to get? Last trip out forgot to put it on a tender last season was the last time out .
  9. Albert

    Avalon Ambassador thoughts on these pontoons

    my neighbor is about to pull the trigger and asking what my thoughts are in this boat. Honestly I have no experience with pontoons are these built well ? Good resale values ? Any input would be appreciated thanks !
  10. Albert

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that my gas gauge on my boat really does work! Ask me how I know . Or maybe the guy towing me taking a pic could tell ya! Dooope!
  11. Albert

    Picked up a Sunday driver why I have no idea

    just like these little cars always have . This one is not a turbo but it is the big butt design 996 C4S
  12. Albert

    What the...?

    Anyone else see this boat with twin wackers ?
  13. Albert

    Never been to bar by myself ?

    Its a helluva first time!
  14. Albert

    What suspension to buy?

    2016 chevy 2500 hd diesel 4x4 12k miles I dont do any crazy offroading but I do go out into the desert pulling the toy hauler. Tired of this shitty suspension . Method wheels on Nittos 33” with a leveling kit . What shoud I buy ? Any help is greatly appreciated. Also any reputable shops in the I E
  15. Albert

    What do like about your car and hate about your car

    For me love the push start no ebrake and walking up and getting near the car door handle and unlocks . What I hate the stupid clock and the location of the cup holders
  16. Albert

    Maid service calif. How much should it be?

    4,000 sq ft 2 times per month?
  17. Albert

    IRS working ph

    I pay every year including this oast tax season and they sent me a check no info just a check . Pretty good amount too so I want to call and not just cash it . Anyone know legit ph? I called the one they said to use local but it didn't allow me to make the call. Im in So cal.
  18. Albert

    Another Inmate sinking

    Well Im going through changes . Life can be a real kick in the balls. I haven't slept is almost two days and becoming delirious. Im going through a divorce. I feel kinda numb right now especially have 2 small children. Its more me than her , shit just went sour. Then it snowballed and the ball...
  19. Albert

    Got the sled detailed trucks next

    Did a great job cant wait to see how the truck comes out. Hes coming back to do the truck this afternoon ;)
  20. Albert


    so as he is shooting hes talking to me asking “dad when do I get to go to sniper school?”