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  1. Mini Kat

    If Joe Biden wins....

    Hide your little girls Keep them away from Joe
  2. Mini Kat

    I'm not gonna say it's a "Party" (This weekend)

    And mine is October 13th I'll Be 62
  3. Mini Kat

    caption this

    Looks like the Lake was really low trying to head up to the sandbar
  4. Mini Kat

    How many of us have friends who are completely losing it?

    You guys are all lucky that I'm still taking my meds
  5. Mini Kat

    Bunker Busy Bar

    Doing really good still haven't had a cigarette since October 14th so nobody has had a chance to throat punch me
  6. Mini Kat

    Bunker Busy Bar

  7. Mini Kat

    Matt Farris this weekend at Flying X - Thursday - Saturday

    Always have fun playing in with them
  8. Mini Kat

    Plane crash into lake......

    You have to have a pilot's license to fly him all the rules have changed you have to bees private pilot, experimental pilot, light sport pilot, Weight shift pilot We can only fly in the day time 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset As far as Gas capacity I carry 15 gallon...
  9. Mini Kat

    Plane crash into lake......

  10. Mini Kat

    Havasu Minikat - Little Wayne

    I know how that feels I had a Quadruple bypass Open heart surgery September of 2006
  11. Mini Kat

    Havasu Minikat - Little Wayne

    And I would rightfully so deserve it
  12. Mini Kat

    Havasu Minikat - Little Wayne

    Wanna personally think all you guys . As as far as my health is going right now I am actually recovering pretty darn fast. I may not post on here very much and I usually don't log in so that people don't know that I'm just browsing around but I do see what's going on I think as thought a little...
  13. Mini Kat

    Havasu Minikat - Little Wayne

    I want to thank all of you guys prayers and all the love and support that you have been giving me I know I'm not the kind of guy to stay still it's what feeds me right now I have a lot of support I'm I do want to ask you guys all 2 do whatever you can to support the havasu's party bus shuttle I...
  14. Mini Kat

    2019 RDP Raftup picS

  15. Mini Kat

    New RDP "Family" Stickers coming shortly

    I don't know how that would work for me with having kids and grandkids, maybe I'm just going to have mine all done and different size buses
  16. Mini Kat

    Found this near my mailbox out by the road.

    But Can You Use It As A Slide Anchor......LOL:D
  17. Mini Kat

    Murder Suicide at Beachcomber

    I've seen this happen two other times, one in OC and one other time out here. And it sucks big because no one win and everyone lose.:mad::(
  18. Mini Kat

    Murder Suicide at Beachcomber

    Jamie was the cook at BJ's for a while then she got offered much more money to work at the Blue Water in Parker she started to lose alot of weight and he started to get jealous from what she told me. I think you can see what was going though that piece of shits head. R.I.P. Girls:(
  19. Mini Kat

    How many of you own two or more boats?

    I have 14 Boats right now but they are all Mini's, the longest one being 14'........LOL But if you line them all up I think I would make up for ONE BIG MOWFO BOAT.........