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    600SCI Overheating Help

    Ok so here is what is going on. Motor ran flawless all last year, first trip this year on the dock to launch it has a bad impeller housing had a spare and drop it in. Didn't notice in major issues with the old impeller. Out on the lake that same engine is over heating at idle but makes more psi...
  3. JD D05

    [WTS] 2020 Ford F350 Platinum

    Posting for my folks. Truck is located in Heber Utah. 16,800 Miles Retrax remote bed cover Clear bra on full front end, rockers, door jams Ceramic coated I posted it up here at 89K but that is just a starting point... Text or call JD @ 801-641-6715
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    Dodge people...

  5. JD D05

    Is this legitimate proof of Sasquatch?

  6. JD D05

    [WTS] 2009 Nordic Flame

    2009 Nordic Flame OB / Extreme Trailer This boat has Mercury Racing 600SCI's with Stg 3 Whipple kits. The starboard motor was warrantied by Mercury Racing with a factory new long block at 250 hours in 2015 putting it at 150 hours currently. Port motor was rebuilt in 2020 with all Teague parts...
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    The Dawn Wall

    Highly recommend you give this a watch.
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    Graduation Gift Ideas???

    Looking for some ideas from RDP for a Graduation gift for my daughter. Already has a nice car and has been traveling a lot this past year. Also won't be going to College at this time... Please post up any ideas etc.
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    Little Trailer Help.

    Last time I pulled the boat home the center wheel locked up right in front of my home. If I turn the roter it binds up in reverse with a little play also in the caliper. Any idea on parts number etc? Or if not who would know...
  10. JD D05

    [WTS] 2014 Howard 28 Bullet

    I am selling Brad Nelsen's Howard. Brad was an active member of RDP for years. Brad passed away a couple years ago and his wife has decided to sell their boat. Myself or Swasey another RDP member will handle all communications, test drives if necessary and delivery. Brad was meticulous with...
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    How long until we are in a new war?

    I say just North of 1 year.
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    2017 Ford Diesel

    Selling my truck. It has 37,300 miles and is close to perfect. It has a tiny dent in the tailgate and a few rock chips. The truck is currently deleted and was from the get go but can be returned to stock. It is a ultimate Lariat. OUO level kit, adjustable linkage arms, traction bars. King 2.5...
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    A little info on health insurance.

    A few know on here but probably not many know. My company (family) does benefits for companies all over the country some you have heard of most likely, thought I would take a little time to explain cost etc. Medicare and it's pricing model is basically the baseline or how we measure cost...
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    Hilarious to me

    I just discovered this tonight. This is as funny as it gets to me. My humor I guess
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    Anyone Else Hoard Rewards?

    I have no idea why....I won't use skymiles etc.
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    Mark Cuban

    He will run as an independent to block Trump.
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    Dads with Daughters

    So true lol...my 16 year old sent me this. No I'm not on tiktok https://vm.tiktok.com/shhRMq/
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    Weird Day So Far

    So I have been really sick, yesterday was my boys bday party and it was all I could do to go to the store for groceries. On my way to work this morning I was really tired after getting 7 hours of sleep. I pull up to a stop light and remember just laying my head back. Apparently I fell...
  19. JD D05

    Elizabeth Smart Assaulted Again?

    So her entire life has been dedicated to helping women deal with assault, but wait's up to a year to say anything??? I agree 100% sexual assault is bad! But my wife would throw her vodka in his face tell him to fuck off and order another...
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    Gonna show shintoooo how to do Vegas

    For starters non of that cattle Southwest shit.