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  1. coz

    Throwing this out there, Miami condo with a view 4-sale

    This place belongs to my brother in laws Dad and it was his Dads place up until he passed 20 years ago and has been sitting empty since but maintained. My sister who lives in Miami says there's a dock available too. I know there's RDP peeps around there or maybe someone looking for something...
  2. coz

    Shout out to Outdrive1

    Went to Parker yesterday to look at this and it followed me home. Thanks Paul, I appreciate the smooth transaction.
  3. coz

    Harris Sunliner 240 Pontoon Low Hours

    A co-worker is selling this pontoon with very low hours and like new. It's in the phx area and I can give contract info if interested. From what I gather it's like brand new. 2013 Harris flotebot Sunliner 240. Engine mercury four stork 150. Low hours on engine . Full coverage double Bimini...
  4. coz

    Wildlife Safari in Oregon

    Anyone been? my daughter is a carnivore keeper and having the time of her life. Great place that's not just a zoo but a conservation facility. Check it out if you're up there.
  5. coz

    HO Mach 1 Water Ski

    I bought this ski a while ago from a friend (bro deal) but the bindings are XL and to big for my feet, even on the smallest adjustment. I kept it in the boat for anyone of the big guys to use but it hasn't been used and just sits around collecting dust. Nice ski in good condition. HO Mach 1...
  6. coz

    Family Law Referal?

    Looking for a good family law attorney in the Phx. area. CPS took my sons kids from their mother about 6 months ago and placed them in his custody (my wife and I are also legal guardians) in our house. We went to court (CPS/Junivile) yesterday and CPS removed all rights from the mother because...
  7. coz

    RDP Wall Hanger?

    Saw this on CL, I don't have 4k to hang on the wall but just a PSA for someone that would be interested and does :thumbup: http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/boa/4826175387.html
  8. coz

    RD SUX Sighting, Cave Was That You?

    At 6am on the 60 fwy then the 10, license plate says caveman, gotta be you :D
  9. coz

    Foilers @ Apache

    Saw this on the MC website, any RDPeeps go to this? These guys are get'n some hang time for sure :thumbup: http://vimeo.com/76460314
  10. coz

    Vacation Time!

    Did I forget anything? :D
  11. coz

    Just Back Up Real Fast....

    Then hit the brakes at the bottom of the ramp and you're skiing :D
  12. coz

    Trailer Repair Needed East Val Phx

    Is there a go to guy around the eastside? close to the 60 and greenfield. Got home from the lake and my 2 back tires were red hot and my bearing buddies blew grease, need a fix asap.
  13. coz

    Anyone Seen or Experienced This?

    Wakeboard Island cable park at Blue Water, I haven't seen it yet, just wondering what others think :thumbsup or :thumbsdown ???
  14. coz

    All In A Days Work

    :thumbsup http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2276464/Dont-look-12-incredible-photos-bridge-inspectors-work-840-feet-Colorado-River.html#axzz2K7fySrpE
  15. coz

    16th Hole Sky Box Seats @ Phoenix Open

    I have 2 VIP tickets at the 16th hole for tomorrows final round at the Phx open, food and alcohol included. My date flaked so I asked a few people to go but they're all super bowl busy :( I have a shout out to a friend in Cali but I'm waiting on a reply. If he can't go I'm just feeling around to...
  16. coz

    This Looks Kinda Cool

    There's been others similar but this one looks like it carves nicely, there a vid at the bottom :thumbsup http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2260705/Dover-Calais-standing-room-The-7k-40mph-Jetsurf-cross-Channel-30-minutes.html
  17. coz

    Prop, Shaft and Rudder Business is Booming

    For my good buds at Action Watersports Az :D
  18. coz

    HO Truth Comp Water Ski

    Great condition 70" Truth ski with animal superfeet bindings (large) This ski is set up for a right foot forward skier. $100.....pm me if interested and I'll shoot you my #
  19. coz

    Cool Wake Surf Video

    Saw this on another site, I know there's a lot of people that aren't fans of big wakes but I thought this was kinda cool and you might just like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7NCD5mLCBY&sns=em
  20. coz

    The Griswold Boat

    Who did I see this morning on the 60 fwy getting onto the 202 in a red f-150 4x towing that boat? :thumbsup