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  1. stephenkatsea

    Bathroom Remodel

    Looking to do bathroom remodel in LHC. Looking for recommendations to remove fiberglass shower tub replace with tile shower (tub?). We realize contractors are currently booked out a ways.
  2. stephenkatsea

    Havasu New Internet Service?

    Havasu News reports an internet service provider known as Allo Communications is planning on bringing 10G fiber to LHC. Does anybody know anything about them. They claim there was a nation wide survey of 63 communities for their satisfaction level of affordable high speed Internet. Reports...
  3. stephenkatsea

    Havasu Fire??

    The excessive amount of haze and dust over the lake today doesn’t seem consistent with the amount of wind. Winds are not that strong. Is there a fire burning in the area?
  4. stephenkatsea

    The Refuge

    Just learned the current owners have decided to close the Refuge. And that includes the golf course. The restaurant was closed a couple of weeks ago. Figured the golf course would be next. And now it is.
  5. stephenkatsea

    Dana Perino - Jasper

    I know there are many dog lovers on here, as well as FOX News watchers and those who like Dana Perino, host of The Five. We know how involved Dana was with her dog, Jasper. Today, Dana announced her beloved Jasper has died. He was 9 years old. Apparently cancer has taken his life.
  6. stephenkatsea

    Hurricane Nora

    If this eastern Pacific hurricane, Nora, tracks as currently predicted, the Colorado River Valley - LHC may see some considerable rain by the middle of next week. Presently looks like it will pass to the east of Cabo, then continue up the Sea of Cortez. Haven’t had a tropical system that far...
  7. stephenkatsea

    US Troop Deployment

    I apologize if this post belongs elsewhere. Biden and crew opt to leave many thousands of troops in DC after his inauguration. Then he opts to pull all US troops out of Afghanistan stranding many thousands of US citizens. WTF?! Mic drop . .
  8. stephenkatsea

    Havasu Car Wash

    Went to Car Toyz to get our Suburban washed etc. I asked for Full Service. The girl apologized and said she was sorry, but that would be an 1.5 hour wait. She said they’re terribly understaffed and unable to get any new hires. I thanked her for being upfront about the crazy wait time and left...
  9. stephenkatsea

    A Different Las Vegas

    We just did Vegas in a different way. We arrived on Sunday as the masses were leaving. Stayed at the Trump International. It's off the strip and has no gaming. Those 2 items seemed to rule out many of the undesirables that are now abundant in LV. Upon checking in they said they had upgraded us...
  10. stephenkatsea

    How much is one trillion?

    Start with one million seconds. That’s a whole bunch of seconds and equals to about 11 days. We’ll skip one billion, we hear that term a lot, and go on to a trillion. A quantity Biden uses all the time. So how much is one trillion seconds? . . . . It’s over 31,000 years!
  11. stephenkatsea

    Desert Storm 2021 Street Party

    Anyone have a layout/map for the 2021 DS Street Party or a link to it?
  12. stephenkatsea

    Kids Fishing

    https://www.havasunews.com/news/pond-hopper-nation-teach-a-child-to-fish-day/collection_d053a98c-a00e-11eb-8e43-bfba84c5c9ea.html#1 Good to see Havasu isn't just about go fast boats and a bunch of drunks. But . . . . mostly it is. Lol
  13. stephenkatsea

    The Tire Man - Havasu

    Another shout out for The Tire Man in LHC. Spoke with Zack yesterday, he ordered 4 tires for me. Said he would have them the next morning. Called them today, they had them, went over and in about 20 minutes I was out of there. Great service for a fair price. I’ll definitely go back to Zack - The...
  14. stephenkatsea

    UofA Ladies Basketball

    They gave it one hell of a go. Congrats to all of them. Their coach, Adia Barnes, is quite the coach, Mom, wife and woman. She’s tough. Flipped off the NCAA after their Final Four victory and said there was no way she was apologizing for it.
  15. stephenkatsea

    Snowbird Exodus

    Looked like the usual April 1 Exodus was in full swing today. A whole bunch of out of state northbound RVs and vehicles passing thru town on 95. Hope they left some TP on the shelves this year.
  16. stephenkatsea

    Big Pine CA to Death Valley

    Anybody done this off road run? Road looks basic, somewhat like Alamo Rd. Any interesting side trails or sights?
  17. stephenkatsea

    Audew Jump Charger

    Any thoughts or comments on the Audew 2000a jump charger? Seems like a good unit for the size and price, about $100.
  18. stephenkatsea

    Havasu ? ?

    Looks amazingly like the tropical South Pacific. But, that’s Cupcake Peak on the horizon.
  19. stephenkatsea


    Looks amazingly like the tropical South Pacific. But, that is Cupcake Peak on the horizon.
  20. stephenkatsea


    Doc and Marty made it to 2021. Don’t know about you, but I like that.