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  1. PVHCA

    New Used Eliminator Daytona Purchased recently

    That sure looks like it, the owners name was Lee
  2. PVHCA

    The woman who made our family possible has gone to be with our lord...

    May your beautiful wife and mother to your children rest in peace. What a brave soul and warrior, I feel terrible for what she had to endure, thankfully she is out of pain and in comfort. So sorry for your loss.
  3. PVHCA

    New Used Eliminator Daytona Purchased recently

    Did anyone here buy a Daytona this past weekend from a guy in LHC? Twin v10's, no problem just curious, I kinda know the guy that sold it but am being told some crazy purchase price and expected top end speed. Thinking 30 or 33
  4. PVHCA

    Make Vegas Great Again

    ya not really!!
  5. PVHCA

    Bruce Canepa's Exotic Car Restoration / Collection

    I'm always around, business has been decimated by this BS CV19, but I'll get through it, seems I have extra time on my hands for Social media and golf, LOL
  6. PVHCA

    Protesters in Upland

    if you say so, ur source? mine is the Chief and my brother whose on the CC
  7. PVHCA

    ...Murder cops wife files for divorce...

    she's gonna get everything that's left after the trials and lawsuits which will be nothing, she's trying to get whatever she can now which will end up being nothing. She's fucked and I'd like to help her out, LOL
  8. PVHCA

    Serious question, is this America being great again?

    So WW back peddles this AM, RD wishes him well kinda, too bad I missed this exchange, my contributions could have fixed this like I did with RD and Jordy!!
  9. PVHCA

    Protesters in Upland

    No tear gas was used, pepper balls were shot off. The guy that got arrested was out of line, I know mutual friends and they are all a tad extreme re this shit. It was quite peaceful compared to many others.
  10. PVHCA

    Bruce Canepa's Exotic Car Restoration / Collection

    911 Design in Montclair
  11. PVHCA

    Are they any Jewelers on RDP?

    I have a very close friend who has a 'MAJOR HOOK UP" with a very seasoned wholesaler in LA, she's in Upland and is very experienced and knowledgeable and extremely fair priced on EXCELLENT quality jewelry. On FB you can hit her up at JW Diamond Connection, or Judi Chisholm-Welch
  12. PVHCA

    Renegade power boats to Exumas Bahamas @saltlifeisaac

    have a great time, I'll text ya the pics of the shirts I designed from you, they are cool.
  13. PVHCA

    Aftermarket wheels on car suck!

    Margo was running shit back when they were in Santa Ana, her dad was alive but she ran the show way back when, like I said we had been buying from them back in the early 80's
  14. PVHCA

    Aftermarket wheels on car suck!

    Back then they were quality built and a good company even with Margo running it.
  15. PVHCA

    Aftermarket wheels on car suck!

    they never had 2-3 hundred people working for them, exaggerate much? And if they ever did it was many moons ago. The wheels had been being made in China as well for quite some time so unless they are now employing Chinese nationalist in China, again ecstatic.
  16. PVHCA

    Yes, another pool build thread

    looks great, congrats
  17. PVHCA

    Aftermarket wheels on car suck!

    The original owner's name has slipped my mind, his daughetr Margo had been running it forever, doubt that lady had a kid cause she was not a very nice person. We had done business with them since the mid 80's out of their original shop in Santa Ana. Whomever they sold to or whomever was running...
  18. PVHCA

    Aftermarket wheels on car suck!

    Once the original owner sold they went into the toilet, so ya ecstatic.
  19. PVHCA

    This is why cops need to be armed to the hilt

    he deserves her guns bullet to the back of the head, body in a cardboard box, set on fire in a fire pit, flush ashes down the toilet. RIP officer
  20. PVHCA

    You need an Ambulance?

    had a bicyclist pull up next to me, his bike lane was plenty wide but he decided he needed to balance himself on my fender, hit the horn and waved the Dikembe Motumbo finger at him. Light turned green he proceeded to cut into my lane and hold up traffic, good thing one of Upland's finest was 2...