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  1. DWC

    Nordic Regatta 2021

  2. DWC

    Scottsdale for the “weekend”.

    Decided it might be time to go back to work full time after 18mos of a limited schedule. :oops: Turns out Scottsdale might not have be a bad place to work. Nice and quiet outside the hotel. A street over, not so much and getting ready for the weekend. Ohio St boosters pumped up for the...
  3. DWC

    ESPN - Almost high school football game.

    This is pretty awesome. We were watching a pre-season NFL game at Hanger 24 and my wife was watching this behind me. I looked and commented that they were too big for high school. She just brushed me off until she saw the article. :D...
  4. DWC

    Biden transcripts with Afghan Pres.

    Tomorrow morning is gonna be fun. Let the clown show continue. Think he’ll answer questions? Nah
  5. DWC

    He’s broke.

  6. DWC

    Harvard -new chaplain = atheist

    I’m not religious but holy shit. What f’g clown world are we in.
  7. DWC

    CA AB455 - Vax or else?

    Haven’t seen much on this. Not sure what they’re thinking. Could fire up enough people to get out and Vote dipshit out.
  8. DWC

    Where are people moving to?

    2020’s list (not sure why the pics went sideways, literally) People leaving NY, NJ, Illinois and Ca! People moving to Idaho, SC, Oregon for some reason, SD and Arizona Interesting that Montana had as many moving out as in
  9. DWC

    Havasu this weekend? 8/28

    Anything going on? Who’s going to be in town? Family Nashville trip is canceled. :oops: Looks like we’re heading out in the morning/afternoon.
  10. DWC

    Brett Favre on the Vax

    He handled this very well.
  11. DWC

    Needed a F150

    This guy needed a F150 for sure. Worked out better than i thought. Pretty sure it’s not taking it out though. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CShrlzNFv4t/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. DWC

    Rent your storage space?

    Haven’t seen this yet.. Wonder what the rates are?
  13. DWC

    Which inmate? Rollbar boat

    Someone else doesn’t love Rollbar boats. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CSH06FrpEFb/?utm_medium=copy_link
  14. DWC

    China virus….. Whaaaaaaat?!

    You’re saying there’s a chance. :cool:
  15. DWC

    The Terminator says Get the shot

    Hollywood just can’t help themselves. The comments are good.
  16. DWC

    Monster Storm 2021

    Who’s going this year? It’s not Desert Storm but it is a blast. Way more of a family deal and run what ya brung event.
  17. DWC

    Big Brother listening/watching.

    This reminds me of Alexa. It’s not listening but somehow hears it’s name. I’m all for stoping child abuse but where does the spying stop?
  18. DWC

    Whale tail needed.

    Had a whale tail crack again.. Skips said it wouldn’t last forever. Looks like they were right. Anyone in town that can knock a pair out or suggest a shop?
  19. DWC

    CNN - The implosion continues.

    Funny every time.
  20. DWC

    Add PC’s to the California no-fly list.

    Faucets, Light Fixtures, Garden Chems, Light Bulbs and now PC’s. Makes sense though, we’ll need all the power available to charge cars and keep the AC on.