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  1. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    The Caldor fire is getting out of control. It is headed straight for Lake Tahoe. I estimate it is roughly 20 miles away from the Lake and moving fast It has moved quite fast in the last 24 hours and has gotten out of control. It has passed Sierra at Tahoe and will reach Echo Summit probably...
  2. DaveC

    Big Cat 2021

    I will post some pictures tomorrow of the boats But today I got the ever loving shit kicked of me. Windy and super rough. NWS put up a small craft advisory today and they were not kidding. I have seen rough on Havasu and thats not even close to what happened today. If it repeats tomorrow I...
  3. DaveC

    I don’t get the Toon

    So I bought the Tri Toon and gave it two seasons. It is an 2020 Avalon Tri Toon 25 with 250 OB and it goes 48 mph on the top end. This is a great boat. It is smooth, quiet, lots of room, very utilitarian, seats up 14 comfortably, drives great, handles rough water well. The 250 OB is powerful...
  4. DaveC

    Cleaver vs Max 5 props

    What’s everyone’s take on the Merc cleavers? They are speedy at $6k each. Worth it? I have not tested one yet but am told it will add a few mph to my top end. Not sure it’s worth it as I am not sure I will run full speed much. I just want to find out what this is capable of ..... you know...
  5. DaveC

    Convert. Eliminator OB

    I am a convert to the church Formerly a die hard car boat motor guy. All my previous boats were inboards. But I caught the OB bug bad. So I built my first OB boat. Eliminator 27 Speedster with twin 400 R’s. Here is my offering to the church. Please accept this as my repentance for my sins...
  6. DaveC

    Solar lease questions

    I am buying a home with a Solar City Lease. I have to assume the payments or buy out the lease. Its a shitty deal and I don’t want any of it but it’s a nice house. I don’t have the numbers yet cuz the sellers are retards. The system looks big. Its in year 6 of a 20 year term. The lease...
  7. DaveC

    How to steal an election

    We all know that changes were made immediately before the election to change the nature of our election process The old rules existed to make things secure and try to make it as fair ass possible. So lets just change the rules at the 11th hour why don’t we to make it less secure!! What could...
  8. DaveC

    The American Left

    Now the American Left wants to make up. You hear this shit? Essentially the American left told us not to vote for Trump because he is mean. (Despite him doing a good job by many metrics) Meanwhile the American left has been equally as mean by calling conservatives every vile name in the book...
  9. DaveC

    banning ballot harvesting

    Ballot harvesting should not be allowed. One person, one vote. If someone is too lazy to go in person or request absentee then they don’t vote, it’s their choice. That’s not an infringement of their rights. ( you don’t even need a stamp) Get off their ass and vote like the rest of us. I...
  10. DaveC

    Eliminator 27 speedster, 400’s

    I ordered a new 27 Speedster to replace the one I sold earlier this year. Except this time I went with twin 400’s rather than an IO. Based upon my observations watching the twin 400’s run it seems like the logical choice. Plus the 400’s look turn key and that’s a big plus for me now. The OB’s...
  11. DaveC

    Berryessa on fire

    The fire situation at Lake Berryessa turned from bad to worse overnight. This started on Monday as some small lightning sparked fires and progressed slowly. Then the wind picked up and it has now grown out of control and burned 45000 acres around the lake. It is now moving quickly towards...
  12. DaveC

    Property tax break for those not working

    We are bing governed and told to stay home and not work by a bunch of bureaucrates who are working and getting paid. Plus I guarantee those same government officals have not thought about how those who not working are going to be able to afford to pay their taxes. So we should propose that...
  13. DaveC

    Boatless for the first time

    I am boatless for the first time in like 27 years. This was not part of the plan but it is what it is. Sure I have bought and sold things in the past but never without something else already in the works. This time I got nothing. It seems odd being boatless. The worse part is I am a...
  14. DaveC

    27 foot Cat with OB or IO??

    What does everyone think about the pros and cons of building a NEW boat with either an I/O OR twin OB's, with current motors options? As in which motor option would you rather do and why? What do we think the trend will be going forward? Specifically the 27 Speedster but any builder for that...
  15. DaveC

    Question for the sparkys (electricians)

    I have a question about adding a sub-panel circuit (for A/C) and my main panel. How is this done exactly? Does it have to go through the breakers? Or just from the main? Is A/C 110 or 220? My main panel is completely full meaning that all breaker slots are full with existing circuits. I...
  16. DaveC

    2018 Eliminator 27 Speedster

  17. DaveC

    540 CID EFI complete engine

  18. DaveC

    Merc HP 525 question

    I need your help. What is your maximum RPM at WOT and with what prop with your Merc HP 525? What type of boat and conditions? I am just trying to get a consensus for comparison. Thanks in advance
  19. DaveC

    They are trying to close Pismo again

    Looks like someone is trying to get the state parks to close Oceano Dunes to riding Typical BS. Spread false info and get the government to act http://www.fourwheeler.com/news/1803-state-parks-and-county-deal-could-end-ohv-recreation-at-pismo-oceano-dunes-svra/
  20. DaveC

    STU sand paddles rear 28 -14

    STU Sand Tires Unlimited paddles 28 - 14. Only used four times, excellent shape. Rear Paddle #1. These are good for RZR 1000 or similar Yamaha or Can Am. I decided to change the paddle on mine. These are $650 new. My loss is your gain. Rear tires for sale only. No rim. No fronts. These need a...