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  1. CoolCruzin

    Need a job

    Sound like a dream - and your living it 👍
  2. CoolCruzin

    Beware everyone on rdp

    We’re good now that we know what she looks like
  3. CoolCruzin

    Covid vaccine personal info

    My daughters coworker got the vac shot 3 -4 weeks ago .Now he can’t read the computer screen . Vision is bad like don’t drive .Docs say eye infection - In both eyes . Sounds kinda strange . They are still lost on what to do . Our family is NOT vaccinated.
  4. CoolCruzin

    Need a job

    I’m looking for a tig welder part time and willing to operate CNC mills . Entry level or someone that’s retired and needs a few hours to supplement their income .asap Upland Ca
  5. CoolCruzin

    Wmc & Wendi's new home build

    Advantage pools are worst , just a side note
  6. CoolCruzin

    Shop Soap

    For our machine shop I buy Dawn Dish Soap.
  7. CoolCruzin

    OH SHIT!!!

    Sending this to my guys at the shop . A safety reminder!! Work safe
  8. CoolCruzin

    AIr Condition Company contact

    So who is the go to guy in Havasu ? So many to pick from doing a internet search . Want to update the Thermostat.
  9. CoolCruzin

    What’s Your Fav Mexican Beer ?

    This count Mexican want be
  10. CoolCruzin

    Looks like we’re dipping into the home school world.

    This picture is what is wrong with today’s school system
  11. CoolCruzin

    The Refuge

    bummer . We alway like going to the restaurant for dinner . Great food and lake view
  12. CoolCruzin

    The 3 hottest peppers in the world

    Cool video
  13. CoolCruzin

    Labor day 10: 30 AM Channel spots open ?

    Light weights Party one day and sleep till noon the next .
  14. CoolCruzin

    Changing Havasu channel demographics / use

    The channel is too damn noisy . I head for the coves and drop anchor. Life’s nice
  15. CoolCruzin

    The 3 hottest peppers in the world

    I put the ghost on the BBQ to dry out Chop up with knife and make flakes
  16. CoolCruzin

    Ideas on how to get a spare tire lock off?

    If all else fails. This works
  17. CoolCruzin

    The 3 hottest peppers in the world

    Same with the ghost peppers And don’t touch your eyes . Or touch you penis with out washing your hands first and that might not help .
  18. CoolCruzin

    Yes. We Need more $$$ For Education!

    Wow do the schools even teach history anymore. USA is screwed damn And these people vote
  19. CoolCruzin

    The 3 hottest peppers in the world

    My ghost peppers doing good this year. Love the flavor but damn is hot .
  20. CoolCruzin

    3/4 Rant

    I hate the damn trucker when they move to the left lane cause someone stop on the right off the pavement in the dirt. I know it a ca. law but it make no sense .