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  1. East Wood

    Henderson RV Park

    thank you all, i have some digging to do. it may end out being a hotel stay after all 😂
  2. East Wood

    Henderson RV Park

    12 year old son has a baseball tourney in Henderson in October and we are considering taking the trailer instead of doing the hotel thing. Any recommendations on rv parks ?
  3. East Wood

    Boat video with motorcycle crash

    that row boat collision was scary too....
  4. East Wood

    Haul over inlet

    full chub
  5. East Wood

    Need some help

    Emotions are good. Don’t stress about that, just shows you have a heart and empathy. It speaks volumes that she asked you to say something.
  6. East Wood

    2018 Domn8er 22’ Deck

    I messaged cheetah to get more info, but havnt heard back yet. I just found out about their new 22 last night.
  7. East Wood

    2018 Domn8er 22’ Deck

    any more insight on the 22 after owning for a few years? kids getting bigger still a lot of room?
  8. East Wood

    Ultra 23 shadow deck porpoising

    did the new prop work?
  9. East Wood

    F26 / Mach 26

    this one is freakin sick...
  10. East Wood


    I am not scared of much, but holy hell this gives me goosebumps. I don't mess with snakes at all. My 10 year old daughter has begged me for years to get one...ain't happening sweetheart.
  11. East Wood

    Someone please explain saunas to me

    ill check it out. do you guys actually use it and see the health benefits? my wife is excited to get one
  12. East Wood

    Someone please explain saunas to me

    cool, ive seen a few infrareds running on 15 amps. is yours just possibly a bigger model?
  13. East Wood

    Selling a boat to a buyer getting a loan

    so was the process pretty easy through AF?
  14. East Wood

    Someone please explain saunas to me

    so you can have it inside the house with no problem? stupid question, any condensation or anything to think about? the wife and I are seriously considering putting on in our house. I believe there are models that run off 110 as well and don't need a dedicated circuit. Just wasnt sure if there...
  15. East Wood

    Selling a boat to a buyer getting a loan

    thats a new level of baller when you are able to personally accept the swipe of a credit card :cool:
  16. East Wood

    Washing yore cap

    I was blessed by the good lord with what seems like overactive sweat glands. Always seems like when in a group Im dripping like a pig and everyone else is barely showing any signs. I also wear a hat every single day, so I go through a lot of hats. Sweat stains appear within days of owning a new...
  17. East Wood

    The Green Mile Bug Zapper

    perfect, ill give it a shot.
  18. East Wood

    The Green Mile Bug Zapper

    how does it do for mosquitos? seems like every year we say this, but they are fucken terrible this year in central California.
  19. East Wood

    2016 creekside 22RB

    I cant speak to the boat memories, but I can for the camping in the trailer memories. My kids dont stop talking about it. Every time they find out another trip is planned (we always try and keep it a surprise even though its just about every other month) they act like its the first time every...
  20. East Wood

    Pirate Cove Beach Parking

    where exactly is this? beautiful