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  1. PDQH2O

    Woohoo, we escaped!

    My wife and I left CA this morning for the last time and could not have been happier to see the state line in the rear view mirror. Best of luck to those working on similar plans. What a great feeling for it to finally become realized.
  2. PDQH2O

    Fuel injector cleaning service - North OC

    Had a Cool Fuel Paint delamination problem on my 496 MAG at the end of last season due to ethanol in the fuel. Changed out the entire fuel module and pumps, now believe that some of the injectors may be clogged with debris rrom the rail. Engine runs, but rough. Will plane but it takes a while...
  3. PDQH2O

    Another boat trailer question - Manufacturers

    Does anyone here have experience with West Coast Trailers out of Huntington Beach? I saw a couple of their aluminum trailers at a local boat shop and they look pretty solid, using top name equipment, I.e. UFP torsion axles and disk brakes, LEDs, swing away tongues (galvanized), all stainless...
  4. PDQH2O

    Aqua Performance Ladders

    A lot of guys run Aqua Performance retractable ladders on their boat, but did you know that they will rebuild the ladder, springs and all for around $30 plus shipping? Mine got to the point where it would fully extend but retract only half way. It had to be pulled up the rest of the way by...