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    Dove hunting 2021

    Yeah we found a spot finally did ok lots of birds out there thanks
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    Dove hunting 2021

    I'm out here in mohave valley scouting around do you mind sharing where you found them, first time hunting here usually hunt in yuma
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    Need a welder in OC to do a very small job.

    Give this guy a call used him for many projects https://g.co/kgs/8nuCEx
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    2022 Toyota Tundra

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    Grads "Don't Care"

    Thank you very well said
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    Fatal accident on the upper river?

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    2022 Toyota Tundra

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    2022 Toyota Tundra

    Here's the new Tundra, kinda looks like the new GMC, what's everyone think
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    boat delivery services???

    @Outlaw Boat Transport
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    Chevy suspension lift?

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    Flakey Uber drivers suck.....

    https://turo.com/ maybe give this a try you can rent people's car by the day
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    Led headlight bulbs

    https://ddmtuning.com/index.php Try this place used them in the past with good results
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    More Cats stolen

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    More Cats stolen

    FVPD caught these pieces of shit the day after Christmas
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    Destination Rides- Moabi/PC

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    Destination Rides- Moabi/PC

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    Destination Rides- Moabi/PC

    check out the tyro mine in bullhead https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-verizon&sxsrf=ALeKk02EX1-fPZ4EwijknCdBvTJn4CxB8Q:1609102703153&q=Tyro+Mine+Bullhead+City,+AZ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjc2ZzYhu_tAhV_HzQIHcPaA68Q1QIwIHoECAgQAQ&biw=360&bih=616&dpr=3
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    No Snow?

    Manana 😂
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    F-250 cut off switch.

    https://www.ravelco.com/superduty.html Try this looks promising
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    Reset: What rate are you getting per vehicle with Sirius XM?

    Thats what i paid for mine as well