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    WTB Malibu Wakesetter

    looking for a clean 23' Malibu Wakesetter have cash Dan 949-606-6724
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    [WTS] 21 Schiada RC

    21 schiada RC V Drive 540 tall deck T 400 polished trans new interior Ellis triple axle trailer will post picks later today $45K
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    WTS 21 RC

    thinking of selling 21 RC V Drive 540 tall deck t 400 polished new interior triple axle Ellis rigged by stenton will post pics later today
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    looking for a TT set up for 540 Low profile Race Aero or ??
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    4" stainless Exaust tips

    2 stets ff polished stainless exhaust tips one with flappers one without o off a 21 schiada V drive make offer thanx Dan
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    21 RC windshield Free to good home !

    I have a windshield off a 21 RC 1985 all there on cracks don't want to throw away if anyone needs I'm in San Juan Capistrano thanx Dan
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    WTB Schiada engine cover latch

    Looking for the latch mechanism with cable Schiada uses for the engine cover on 21 RC or where to get one thanx
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    WTB schiada engine cover latch

    Looking For latch mechanism Schiada uses with cable and latch for engine cover or where to get one ?? Thanx
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    1982 21 RC freshen up

    I purchased this RC beginning of season boat was in decent shape trailer was rough so I just did service Added Gatling stainless Exaust mufflers new engine cover prop and played with her all summer in Arrowhead great boat works well for what we want family Ski Boat bought a Ellis Triple axle...
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    WTS 21 Ellis V drive trailer

    Ellis triple axle V drive trailer set up for a 21 Schiada V drive 949-606-6724 Dan
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    WTS 21 Ellis V drive trailer

    Ellis triple Axle V drive trailer set up for a 21 Schiada V Drive 949-606-6724
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    WTS Ellis 21 Schiada V Drive trailer

    Triple Axle 21 Schiada V drive trailer 949-606-6724
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    WTB Menkens 11.5 x15 or 11x15 V drive prop stainless

    WTB a 11.5 or 11 X 15 Stainless V Drive prop for 21 schiada thanx Dan
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    WTB prop

    WTB menkens 11x15 or 11.5x15 left hand 1" shaft V Drive prop or Hill thanx
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    New to me 21 Schiada RC

    Posting pics of my new 21 RC hoping to get a RDP t shirt 😀 81 21 RC perfect Gel 540 tall Deck t-400 on a triple axle competitive trailer
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    WTB slip in mufflers

    looking to buy set for 4" exhaust thanx
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    WTB 21 RC V drive trailer

    Looking for a decent 21 RC V drive trailer thanx
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    21 RC Interior

    Picked up a 81 21 RC v Drive would like to do some interior work is there anyone in OC or IE ? Thanx
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    tripple axle trailer restoration

    I just picked up a V Drive it came on a competitive triple axle trailer is there anyone in the IE or OC that does restoration ? Thanx
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    Steering wheel replacement

    Question just pulled off a 12" lecarra steering wheel and ordered a new one but could only get in 14" what is preference on a 21 RC V Drive ? Thanx