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  1. zhandfull

    Alright what inmate?

    What inmate Is responsible for this situation? https://www.yahoo.com/news/school-ordered-student-quarantine-dad-125455171.html
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    Would you buy it?

    Came across this Honda yesterday for sale on the roadside. Daughter needs a car and the price was right.
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    Something to think about!

    Interesting story from a YouTube favorite on his observations and experience working for a contractor years ago. Might provide valuable lessons for those in business or those working with businesses on projects now or in the future.
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    Ultimate RV

    If this Astro RV can pull 10K it would be perfect! 😁
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    Texas Power Bills

    Can’t even imagine getting a $5k power bill for a 900 sf condo. Any members from Texas on this indexing rate plan? https://www.yahoo.com/news/arlington-man-gets-17-000-192823631.html
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    Nice 73 VW

    Pretty cool 73 VW review. 😁
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    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve. A little different this year. First time ever staying home. Usually do it at moms with brother, sister, nieces and nephews. Both wife and I have people we work with that have been out in December due to COVID. Listening to the news the world is unraveling and hospitals systems...
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    Working Through a Pandemic

    Haven’t missed a day of work since all this crap started. Can’t say the same for those that work with me. Some have stayed home for being high risk for twelve weeks in the beginning, Others have taken FLMA for twelve weeks for their kids being out of school. Now people are been sent home for...
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    Wing Walking

    Great video of wing walking. Mentally Ill Man Climbs On Wing Of Commercial Jet At Vegas Airport | ZeroHedge
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    Quartzsite, AZ

    Never been to Quartzsite before. Think this might be the year with the Cali lock downs. Where’s the best place to camp boondocking style? Was looking at BLM Scaddan Wash area.
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    Just checked Zillow and my home in Rancho Cucamonga has doubled in estimated value between March 2012 and today. The numbers appear pretty spot on compared to comps in the area. Just over 8 years and it has doubled! Comes out to price appreciation of about 11.1% per year. Sustainable? What’s...
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    Had a few Kia vehicles and been pretty happy with them so far. Bought my wife a 2015 Sorento three years ago, it was a lease return with 36,000 miles on it. Do all the maintenance myself and it now has 98,000 miles on it. My wife works right down the street but my daughter and her like to...
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    DMV & China Dirt Bikes

    Grandson got a China Motorcycle from his uncle and wants me to take him riding. Is it registered or titled? No! Off to DMV I go. Four hours later I leave DMV and need to bring motorcycle back for vin verification. That was last Friday. Don’t even have a truck anymore. Checked Craigslist for...
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    Post your dash cam footage

    Here is some footage from my $60 Harbor Freight dash cam. Had it almost a year now. Had to download this short video from Thursday afternoon on my way home. Oh, and the picture should be better now that I took the clear protective cover off the lens after this video.
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    It’s been to long, hello Rincon

    Last trip was in January. Had a trip planned in April that was canceled from the shut down. Mid to low 70’s this weekend. Not a bad place to hang out.
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    Future of Construction

    What is the RDP members thoughts on the future of the construction industry here in California? Commercial Building and Development doesn’t seem to be to promising for the near/midterm. Maybe some TI work for amazon taking over department stores. Hotels, food and entertainment construction. I...
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    Willow Valley

    So what's the deal with Willow Valley? Used to go as a kid about 30 years ago. Would launch or walk out small jet boat from the little marina and go up river to find an awesome sand covered beach. The family would drive up the dirt Dike Road with the 4X4 and bring all the shit (ice chest...
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    Friday May 15th will be 8 weeks of Safer at Home Order in California

    How's it affecting you? I have been working as an essential worker this whole time but others in our organization have been furloughed and staying at home with full pay and benefits. That's about to change next Friday. Moving forward they will have to use whatever vacation or sick time they...
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    The President

    What happens if Trump comes down with Covid-19? https://www.zerohedge.com/political/aide-mike-pence-tests-positive-covid-19 Buy or sell the stock market?
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    How to fly a plane

    Learn to fly in the link below.