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  1. baja-chris

    U-3 Atlas Van Lines tow truck box van spotted

    Wandering around the country in our RV and saw an old U-3 Atlas Van Lines box van/hauler truck sitting faded in someone's rural yard on a small county road in Alexandria Bay, NY. It was a red livery which I think was the first paint job back when it was a rear cockpit V12 boat. 1968? raced by...
  2. baja-chris

    Sea level rise bull

    Multiple sources ive read say the seas are rising 1/8” per year. So that’s about 2” by 2040. This article says it’s going to rise 17” by 2040. Wtf, how can the estimates be so far apart. Pure bull to push an agenda is my guess...
  3. baja-chris

    Key West or Bust (LAM)

    Bluewater Key RV Resort, here we come.
  4. baja-chris

    Where to buy aluminum ski pole?

    Where do you buy aluminum ski poles? Seen them in many colors. I have a steel tube pole that's bent.
  5. baja-chris

    Ballpark cost for a pool and landscape in Havasu

    In Lake Havasu City, thinking of buying a new home with a bare dirt backyard. Yard roughly 35x70. Want a 15x30 pool, hardscape, some desert plantings. Typical pool. Nothing fancy. Just a Joe Average buildout. What is a ballpark budget to convert the dirt to pool and finished back yard...
  6. baja-chris

    Two stall storage condo width?

    Looking at buying a storage condo and would need it to hold a 102” wide coach and a 102” wide boat side by side. What do you think the minimum width should be to avoid hitting things and be able to move around? 24ft? 25? More?
  7. baja-chris

    Havasu summer homes (rented in winter)

    Do many of you guys with second homes in Havasu rent them out over the winter to snowbirds? How does that work out? Would you do it again? Or more trouble than it's worth? Thinking a walled off RV/Boat garage that I use all year, but only use house and 2 car garage in summer, renting all but...
  8. baja-chris

    Good shops in Phoenix area?

    Bought an old Baker tunnel hull that's in good shape for it's age but I'd like to have a few gel coat fixes done, re-do the original interior, and go through it make sure I didn't miss any issues. Can you recommend a shop in the Phoenix area for this? Or should I be looking at Havasu shops...
  9. baja-chris

    Who makes 40ft DP w/tag axle rated to tow 15k?

    Name all the 40ft DP you know that are factory rated to tow 15k or more. Pretty sure it will have to have a tag axle to do this. And would really be nice to find one with 500 or 600hp but those engines seem to only come on 41-45 footers. The 40 ft Newmar Dutch Star qualifies but its "only"...
  10. baja-chris

    Boat for open stacker trailer

    Maybe a crazy idea but thinking of an open stacker trailer to pull behind a large motorhome with a 4x4 truck on the bottom and a low profile boat above. We plan to spend many months a year on the road and I know what's going to happen, I'm going to want to go boating! And not in a rental...
  11. baja-chris

    Motorsports fans - what are you into?

    Was just watching free practice of Formula 1 at Monza and started feeling all nostalgic with Frank Williams last race as team owner. What do you guys tune into? Past or present? My first champ car race, my dad took me to Continental Divide Raceway in Castle Rock Colorado in 1968 and I...
  12. baja-chris

    Toons: Avalon vs Playcraft

    Here is a 400r powered Playcraft for $130k. Looks like a 400r powered Avalon is going to run me $160k. Any opinions on this, reason for $30k higher on Avalon? Or am I pricing the wrong models? Would like 400r performance toon...
  13. baja-chris

    Getting back on the water, need advice

    Howdy all, planning to get back on the water after a 15+ year break and need some guidance. Boating experience mostly limited to an old 19ft Eliminator Daytona with a 235 then a 20ft Schiada with a 300 merc 2-stroke. Wife did some speed skiing in her youth and spent a lot of time on the lower...