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  1. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    I Don't think you need to start a driving career as a class A driver I started driving a 1 ton box truck delivering appliances then 2 jobs driving a 20foot stake bed delivering construction hardware and pluming supplies then I got a class A at 24 but nobody would give me a job driving a dump...
  2. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    So I pay my guys hourly plus overtime after 8 or 40 and double time after 12 just like a real job should I also give monthly and yearly performance bonus based on what your truck earns minus breaking things that would be your fault like backing over a fire hydrant last year total bonus for the...
  3. arch stanton

    Somebody’s Gonna Get Fired

    he will hang with anybody for a chance to sniff a child’s hair
  4. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    I should also add looks like I just lost a driver and am going to need somebody with experience over 25 with in the North San Diego county area to drive this super 10 as the main job but could also be able to run equipment trailer, low bed, flat bed I also could use a part time guy maybe...
  5. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    Most people regardless of age are not ready to haul this kind of stuff I don't really fear the Russians doing this kind of work they are bound to screw it up
  6. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    I have no problem with a 16 year old flying a private aircraft no big deal if he crashes the chances that he will harm anybody but himself are small but I don't think you are going to find a 16 year old flying a commercial jet with passengers unless he is a terrorist
  7. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    The trucking industry has done a survey of drivers and about 30% will quite before getting the Jab. see article hear how-bidens-vaccine-mandate-could-impact-ownerops-independents I think The 100 employee rule is just a start for Biden it will be lowered to 50 then 10 then everyone. In...
  8. arch stanton

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    My insurance cost goes way up if I hire anybody under 25, maybe a big company that is self insured can do it but there is no way I can afford to hire anybody under 25, once I hire a driver that they don't approve of and he gets in an accident that is his fault my insurance will go up again for...
  9. arch stanton

    How would you read this?

    I try and use my welder when ever they call for using less power my way of telling when to build more power plants
  10. arch stanton

    Who's got a BBC collecting dust? Need a motor

    i have a 454 that was put together for street car that i just acquired trying to get recipts but looks like a lot of good parts and it was assembled by an engine builder
  11. arch stanton

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

  12. arch stanton

    Rice road dumb ass

  13. arch stanton

    Rice road dumb ass

  14. arch stanton

    Rice road dumb ass

  15. arch stanton

    Rice road dumb ass

    i guess all guys in a turbin are not familiar with desert sand
  16. arch stanton

    How long should a shop stand behind their work?

    I have learned something new about snap rings I will be looking more closely at anything I disassemble from now on I don't remember there being a rounded side. Is it possible that the hydraulic pressure has exceeded the design because of a failure of a pressure bypass valve ? Any generic...
  17. arch stanton

    Proposed Offroad legislation -READ THIS!!

    The only way to stop the liberal do-gooder wave that is leaving California and coming for your freedom is if they fear you, while you may stall some of the rules they will slowly enact restriction after restriction it may take years but they will not give up. They go to parties and talk about...
  18. arch stanton

    Something big is about to happen in the housing market

    I find all of your view points interesting but I think all of our predictions focus on to narrow a slice of what may be happening and why a few things that have been mentioned and a few that I don't think have been brought up affect housing price and availability 1 I read that about 25% of all...
  19. arch stanton

    Ordering a New Ram

    I order all of my new trucks Chevy,Dodge Kenworth and Peterbilt its the only way to go you can get more color options when ordering but you usually can't get none standard colors in the highest trim levels but you can get most of the options added to a lower trim level. A good sales guy can get...
  20. arch stanton

    Urgent…Someone with Phoenix or Vegas Hospital connections!

    are they full of kung Flu patients or is something else causing all the hospitals to be full ?