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  1. EBT531

    Kenosha will burn tonight

  2. EBT531

    Maybe a deal for someone 2014 X-flight

    Not sure what TLC it needs, but price seems cheap https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-havasu-city-2014-flight/7180717102.html
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    Another "quiet" night of peaceful protests in Chicago

    Chgo shot a guy who pointed a gun at them this weekend so of course some quiet protesting was required. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-chicago-downtown-looting-20200810-3zwa3b7zzrc5vdyb4qjqywrjvu-story.html
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    2002 Laveycraft Nuera 29 *SOLD*

    2002 Laveycraft Nuera 29 500 EFI with 15hrs on full rebuild from Octane Marine Phx (heads redone, new valves, springs etc., new rings/bearings, new transom gasket, new coupler, new impeller, new plugs/cap/rotor/wires/filters, drive gimble rebuilt) hull has 412hrs IMCO SCX Extreme upper/lower...
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    Interesting boat for sale?

    Too far from me, but maybe interesting to someone? https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/boa/d/seattle-1964-schiada-flatbottom/7140264062.html
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    Nautical Resort solo launch

    I have a reservation for weekdays in June at Nautical resort. If you solo launch, is there a spot near the ramp to beach the boat or something to put the truck/trailer away? I solo launch all the time so not worried about that part, but usually I'm at a spot with a pier to tie up to. Thanks!
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    Depth Sounder Transducer

    What transducer ware you guys running that actually works shooting thru the hull? Have a Lavey 29 nuera and the airmar-78 wont get a reading thru the hull. Or if you don't know what transducer you have, what brand depth sounder are you using that actually works installed this way? Thank you
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    Havasu Mayor says visitors stay home

    Maybe I missed the thread, but kinda surprised no one is talking about the Havasu mayor saying tourists stay away. At least he admitted they can not close a Federal waterway, but I am sure the City could order launch ramps closed...
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    Quarantine boredom, why not polish the boat

    Figured now is the perfect time to buff out the boat. I didn't neglect it, bought it this way. Used McGuiares 3 step marine kit
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    BVI charter question

    All of these BVI trips got me researching it and I'm about 80% we are going to rent a power cat for 7 days via Marinemax. One items i don't see in anyones posts, did you get the damage insurance at like $90 a day or did you do the Credit card hold for damage? I have State Farm on my boat, does...
  11. EBT531

    3M vs Meguiar’s compounds

    Anyone have better experience between 3M marine compound and finishing material vs meguiars marine restoration system? Looking to polish up the boat while it’s still cool enough out. Mostly white with some darker graphics, some oxidation on the sides but nothing horrible. I’ve been checking...
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    RDP Regatta, who's putting in tonight?

    Just got to town. Who is putting in tonight vs tomorrow am? Anyone stopping by the office tonight?
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    Top end rebuild

    Where is the go to shop for a top end rebuild in Havasu or Phx? 500 efi and I want to redo the heads with new valves, springs everything to make them like new again. Looking for a shop that can do the tear down etc. not just the machine work for the heads. Thanks!
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    labbing a prop

    Who is the go to for prop labbing these days? Looking to gain about 300rpm's and some bow lift if I can.
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    Prop Guru question

    I have a 29' Lavey with a 500efi and IMCO SCX extreme outdrive. Current prop is a Bravo I 26P but the motor will only pull it to 4800rpm's. I had the prop checked and its in spec at 26P with no damage or changes. The motor was checked out as well and has no issues other than the gas is from...
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    Bravo I prop and solid hub insert question

    So I have 3 Bravo I props. 22p, 24p and 26p. All stock from what I know. I have a scx outdrive with the big shaft so I rub their solid insert. The insert slides right into the 26p and out by hand. I went to insert it into the 22p and 24p but it stops short (see pics). I don’t want to force it...
  17. EBT531

    500 efi temp sensor size

    I need to replace the factory temperature sensor which goes to the dash gauge with the proper gaffrig sender. Gaffrig offers them in several sizes, anyone know if the 500 efi takes a 1/2”, 1/4” etc?
  18. EBT531

    Finally made the jump into a Lavey

    After a lot of looking, I found the right boat and its in the driveway. 2002 Lavey 29 with a 500 EFI. Already had it checked out, compression test etc. so I know everything is good. Plus it has a monster SCX extreme outdrive which is always a plus. I'll be on Lake Pleasant this weekend...
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    Lavey Craft 29, what to look for

    Going to look at a 2001 Lavey 29 this week. Any issues these boats are known for? Its got a 500 efi so I know to check the compression/leakdown as the heads haven't been done before. Anything specific to the engine or hull thats a common issue? Its a closed bow if that matters. Thank you!
  20. EBT531

    Procharged 502, will separate

    1998 502 mag with a M1 procharger and intercooler. There was a fire in the boat which reached the right side. (facing the motor) Fire did not damage the injectors, distributor etc. but the wiring harness was damaged on the right side. Had 172hrs when pulled but no scan available, the computer...