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    [SOLD] 1989 21' Howard River Cruiser V-Drive - $30,000

    interested in your Howard are Cav plates electric ? hours on Motor ? are the Tanks in side not belly ? hours on motor and trans, 2 blade or 3 ? thank you Dan
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    Schiada age limit lol

    damn that's a good looking boat !
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    87' Schiada Day Crusier for sale, $29,500

    were you able to get photos of duo unit ?
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    87' Schiada Day Crusier for sale, $29,500

    pics show the single prop unit do you have a pic of the dual prop unit ? are props stainless ? thank you
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    87' Schiada Day Crusier for sale, $29,500

    where is boat located ? do you have a closer pic of outdrive any idea how many hours on it ?
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    Any 21’s for sale? I got a buyer....

    just sold mine last year still regretting it love thus boat is it for sale ? what are you asking ? thanx
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    21 Schiada 598 EFI Dunsmore BBC

    good morning I would like some info on boat Dan 949-606-6724 thank you
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    WTB Malibu Wakesetter

    looking for a clean 23' Malibu Wakesetter have cash Dan 949-606-6724
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    [WTS] 21 Schiada RC

    SOLD ! Thank you Daniel
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    [WTS] 21 Schiada RC

    21 schiada RC V Drive 540 tall deck T 400 polished trans new interior Ellis triple axle trailer will post picks later today $45K
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    WTS 21 RC

    thinking of selling 21 RC V Drive 540 tall deck t 400 polished new interior triple axle Ellis rigged by stenton will post pics later today
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    2002 Tige 21v Riders Edition

    if deal does not close I am interested Dan 949-606-6724
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    is it a complete system ? needs rebuild ? how much ?? thank you Dan
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    Thanx Aron sounds like a deal but not looking to replace motor this one is fresh few times around lake LOL would like to turbo this motor how's yours coming ??
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    Dude I'm sorry Ill stop coming you !! LOL
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    could you give me some info on what you have for sale ? needs rebuilt or fresh ect I am interested thanx Dan
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    WTB twin Turbo set up

    looking for a TT set up for 540 Low profile Race Aero or ??