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  1. klotsac

    Catalina Ski Race entry list

    Had the pleasure of Mike Avila in Discovery Bay last week. What a great guy. He hooked my kids up with a bunch of shirts and hats and offered to take my girls our for a ski ride next time we are up there. Wish him the best of luck tomorrow!
  2. klotsac

    2015 Chevy Silverado ****SOLD****

    ****SOLD**** 2015 Silverado LT located in Visalia Ca. 73,xxx miles Clean title in hand “normal“ wear for a 6 year old truck with 73,000 miles, but over all in great shape. 2 inch block in front can send more pics if desired. asking $30,000. text or call 559-7nine nine-9324
  3. klotsac

    Pine Flat

    We are there damn near every Saturday during the summer. Beautiful lake. Gets a little windy in the afternoons but you can always find semi smooth water up the river.
  4. klotsac

    Homeowners Insurance **Lake Arrowhead**

    We have a place in Shaver Lake and went through the same thing. Had to go through the California Fair Plan. Try contacting Max Cotta with New Horizon Insurance Services in Fresno. His # 559-906-4070.
  5. klotsac

    Dallas Investment Property Club

    I would love a little more info on the above mentioned program. Any chance you can send me some contact info for your brokerage associates?
  6. klotsac

    Millerton/ pine flat this time of year

    Was at Pine Flat last weekend, water is low (20% full) but nothing to worry about. We usually spend the summer up the river by Trimmer, but wouldn't go up that far now, there looked to be a bunch of trees popping up along the edge. It's pretty quiet this time of year, basically us and a...
  7. klotsac

    water ski thread...wakeboarders need not apply

    Both the wife and I ski, the wife is still pretty impressive at 39 . Her rule in the boat is you have to ski before you do anything else. Both kids have been double skiing since they were 3 or 4, and on a single the last few years. My 10 year old is getting to be a decent little skier, sure is...
  8. klotsac

    [WTS] 2010 Honda Accord

  9. klotsac

    Cali Delta questions

    Check out VRBO, lots of options in Discovery Bay, you cannot go wrong staying there. Make sure the house is close to fast water, there are several houses that could take +/- 30 minutes to get to the fast water, it gets old real quick... The weekends are crazy busy but you will have the entire...
  10. klotsac

    2005 Chevy Tahoe

    -2005 Chevy Tahoe -One owner, non smoker -regularly maintained and well taken care of -136,XXX miles -2 row seating, lots of storage in the back -original paint, a few scratches but over all good condition -no accidents -tires are +/- 50% -any questions please email me at...
  11. klotsac

    We spent last week at the Delta... No I'm broke!

    We were up there last week too. Stayed in Discovery Bay, some incredible places there. Had the place to ourselves until Friday afternoon, that place got crazy busy on Saturday. Had a blast, cant wait till next year.
  12. klotsac

    Bass lake 7-20/ 7-27

    We have a few friends with houses on the lake, we go there often. The lake is beautiful, gets crowded on the weekends but you will have it to yourself during the week. There is a great little burger joint across the lake, I think its called "the forks", park the boat at the dock and walk across...
  13. klotsac

    and suddenly

    Not to change the subject, but... Was there any water in the Kings?