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  1. socal0487

    Housing Building Boom

    the city for years has denied building permits. Residents would complain near the vacant site and the city would cave. Harbor and Figueroa is a prime example. Vacant lot across from fairgrounds. Hotel wanted to go in there but paseo de playa residents and crowne plaza complained and got there...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    watch from the 40:05 mark
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    Olympic Booty

    Poland 👍🏻
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    Delta Boat Crash

    Skater named “Prototype” crashed on the Delta yesterday. Female still missing. It was at Desert Storm this past year.
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    Get me out of my solar lease

    Here’s why I was against a PPA. If you don’t plan on selling it may work for you but if you sell it becomes a liability If not in a sellers market. 2016 I was looking to buy a home. Found one I liked had a PPA with Vivint. Knew nothing about solar. The research I did, Vivint was not a good...
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    Shine Supply - Cleaners

    They have great products. They’re a local company to me in Ventura so I’ve been using them for awhile.
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    Chlorine Tablets

    My local pool store said there was a chlorine plant that produced the tabs burnt to the ground (surprising?) causing the shortage and increase in prices. I wouldn’t pay 200 for a bucket though. I’d make do with liquid.
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    Cool fire drop

    I’d say more than that. 747 was was about 100k a drop. Retardant is about 3 dollars per gallon and the DC10 can hold 12000 gallons.
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    OC CCW Renewal info

    My renewal for Ventura is in November so just under 120 day. Thanks for the reminder. Gonna set my appt so I don’t have to rush but Ventura is usually pretty quick
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    Windsor POPO

  11. socal0487

    Telegram fire...

    Sounds like a smart kid and will be successful in his career. He’ll have additional support soon.
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    Telegram fire...

    What HS crew is he on? Black Mesa? There’s a few out there now with more on the way. Looks like the fire is blowing up at 34k acres in a couple of days. Hot Shots do some amazing work and work there asses off. Fire is still in the infancy so they’ll be working long hours until resources come.
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    California lake levels illustrate severity of the drought

    Coming from a far left liberal news source being PPIC you posted. I don’t believe those numbers at all. Agriculture uses far more than 40% of total consumed water.
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    Miami Beach Police Chase Video - Boat Chase

    Brand new they’re around 25 mil. But who buys brand new? Ventura County just picked up 3 blackhawks from military surplus for 1.7 million each and then converted them to fire hawks.
  15. socal0487

    Desert Storm 2021 Street Party

    I’ve only seen this one of the main area.
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    thats a lot bigger than a 38. I think that’s MTIs 42’ CC.
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    44' Magic

    some of those aren’t updated. The dash has been updated.
  18. socal0487

    44' Magic

    i would say no
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    44' Magic

    Go to river whips on Facebook and search his name. He’s posted some over there
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    44' Magic

    Tom Staben bought it. He’d probably Have an M44 if his CFO didn’t embezzle 900k of his money.