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  1. lenmann

    Shout out to Scott Kronowski

    As part of my hunt for a shop to re-gel my Schiada RC project I visited Scott Kornowski's shop last month. Super cool dude, incredibly talented craftsman, and shared openly some tricks of his trade to help me get my hull ready for his magic this fall (the soonest he could get me in). His...
  2. lenmann

    iRacing is serious..

    Bubba's deal is bullshit. One of the BIG problems with Nascar today is that the drivers don't have any personality like they did in the old days, or better put that aren't allowed to express their personality for fear of tarnishing the brand of a sponsor. Today they all have PR handlers, get...
  3. lenmann

    New boat 22 Vaughn

    Awesome, thanks!
  4. lenmann

    New boat 22 Vaughn

    Man that's looking good! Where did you get the full flow 90's at? Not sure I have seen those before, but I like the idea.
  5. lenmann

    Got my new plates

    OK, so I am the worlds worst at figuring out personalized plates, and I have spent way too much of my valuable quarantine time trying to figure out what the hell "DJUKNEW" means. Can you help a brother out?
  6. lenmann

    Stress cracks

    @Outdrive1 do you remember how the cracks in your '78 were fixed?
  7. lenmann

    Stress cracks

    The new ones look like this under the deck at the bulkhead. Note that the bulkhead is 1 1/2" thick marine grade plywood and the 3/4" pad on top of it spreads the deck load. Coring under the deck is also thicker at 1/2" IIRC. Picture taken at Schiada last year. The old ones (this is my '79...
  8. lenmann

    Stress cracks

    @Billyho do they look like this?
  9. lenmann

    The journey of our Hallett 270T

    Awesome write up man and the boat looks great. Seats are way better too. Best part of the story was your Pops though...priceless as they say. Congrats.
  10. lenmann

    Need some measurement help on Casale Split Case

    Does this help? The pic is a little deceiving, I measured from the face of the hex nut on the end of the tach drive to the plate and it's 4 1/2" for reference.
  11. lenmann

    Brand New Patterson Flatty!

    @rivergames any update on this?
  12. lenmann

    Hungarian Potato Soup w/sausage

    Looks great, gonna give it a go tonight. I always wonder if Chef John speaks like that all the time or just on video? I am pretty sure it would drive me nuts if I had to endure it for more than 3-5 minutes. That said, I have liked every one of his recipes that I have tried...
  13. lenmann

    Square bodies.

    It looks great, finally one that isn't a piece of billet. What are the specs on the motor build?
  14. lenmann

    1958 Rocket resto

    Welcome aboard. Your story sounds familiar...great lines on that hull though, I dig it. Keep us posted on your journey. My misrepresented project: https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/1979-schiada-rc-the-boss.142398/
  15. lenmann

    Square bodies.

    Loves your posts but my neck always hurts after reading them! What serpentine belt system is on you motor?
  16. lenmann

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    I have been using this chart for glass and resin calcs. It's from a book titled Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amateurs. The area on each side of the hull to be filled is 11' x 1.5' = 16.5 sq ft. I am using 2 oz. CSM which weighs .413 lb/sq ft when laminated so 16.5 x .413 = 3.4 lb/layer. Each...
  17. lenmann

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Mind-blowing right? I spoke to Schiada and Kornowski about it and they both said build it up with glass, 3 layers max at a time to avoid excessive exo-therm that might cause warping. Back of the bar napkin weight addition will be about 40 pounds. These aren't light boats to begin with, its one...
  18. lenmann

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    I got the bottom all ground down to bare glass and "mapped" the surfaces to determine the shape of the low areas and glass layers needed to fill them in. Cut the first two layers of glass. The first is 2 oz. CSM followed by a layer of 1708, which I will repeat until I get close to full...
  19. lenmann

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Thanks for the encouragement and offer of help, I appreciate it. Hard to imagine pulling your boat back apart already after all that work but I get the pursuit of perfection deal.
  20. lenmann

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Back to work! Ground out all of the old rigging through hull holes and rebuilt the areas with multiple layers of 1708 and CSM. Ground and sanded them pretty close to flat and flush. Didn't finish anything yet knowing I will need to address bigger sections when I get into blue printing the hull...