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    Watching DJT @ his Georgia Rally!!

    He Loves the People AND The People Love Him. To Compare him and "Sleazy Joe" is a Disgrace. As he said tonight The Only thing preventing him from Running is a Dr.s Warning. President DJT = 2024.!!!!
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    Glenn Beck Blaze T-V

    I listen to his Radio program in the mornings when I am in the Car. I believe he is as close to DJT as we have and he does "Walk The Walk" I have been thinking about subscribing to Blaze T-V. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Fox Sucks and Newsmax has a format I do not like.
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    George W. Bush?

    What is the deal with him? A RHINO? He is hosting a Fundraiser for Liz Cheney. :(
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    The "BOZO"s Whitehouse Warning.

    Numb Nuts, has notified States that Emergency Funds and many other promised Payments will NOT be happening as promised. Of Course, as we are paying for "Covid" Vaccine for the World, Scrambling to pay for "Covid" relief, Unemployment, and all the other bills associated with the Disaster. The...
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    Sam Adams New Brew!!

    Sam Adams just released the newest addition to their "Utopia's" Editions. 28% in a 25.4 oz Bottle. This Brew is a bit "Spendy" @ $240.00 per Bottle. This edition is Illegal in 15 States because of it's Alcohol Content.;)
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    John Ondrasik "Five For Fighting"

    I just watched an Interview with him and listened to this Most Powerful Song I have ever heard in my life. I understand the Few that will "CRY" because I did not provide it in here, But? Too Bad, So Sad Search it. Google is your Friend.
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    Pence 2024 Run?

    NewsMax is reporting that he has formed a Team and will NOT step aside for Trump or anyone else. o_O
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    Home Warranties?

    I have a neighbor ask me if I had any experience, and since have no advice, anyone here have any Positive or Negative feedback. Thanks
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    California, What do you Want? Deserve?

    Larry Elder while walking through Venice was "Egged" and had hecklers calling him A POS and a "N****R, and F.O. On one hand this Piece Of Work in Office now is a Disgrace and has disrespected every Citizen of the State, and when someone comes along to offer a Change. o_O I understand it may...
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    The "GOV N ATOR!!

    Even Arnold thinks Newsome has a huge problem with this Recall, and feels the chances for Voter Fraud is a never ending issue with the System now in place.
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    Trump rally next month.

    He is holding it at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. This is enough to convince me he's Back and Running for 2024.
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    Donald Trump Matters!!

    I have talked OR overheard comments to the point, of "Oh How I Miss His Tweets". The worst one was two Viet Nam Vets feeling we were very close to a point of No Return. The Evil forces who helped put this Mess into Power = There is a Place much worse than Hell for all of you. My Children and...
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    Oscar De La Hoya

    Has Covid 19, OR whatever you call it?o_O
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    Trump Rally on NEWSMAX

    @5:00 Pacific Now.
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    Tests, Positive after hanging with the Texas Run A Ways:cool:
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    GOD!!, I sure hope this Not a VIN, as several in here will 'trip A Breaker" Last night's Phoenix Suns NBA game, was Blessed to have King Shit lebron there @ Courtside. Social Media is going Ballistic after seeing he has his Favorite Top Shelf Privat Label Vodkaon the Floor under his Seat...
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    NHRA from Denver

    On FS1. There are Hundreds of Bikes there on their way to Sturgis.:cool:
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    The NFL

    I know there ar most in here who "Don't Care", But I used to enjoy Sunday's watching a Game and having a couple Beerski's. They announced, will be Playing the Black National Anthem and including Social Justice Messages in the upcoming Season. DAMN!! Who is Running This Program? Are the...
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    Boise, Idaho

    The Fire Fighters announced that if Fuel Supplies do not improve Soon, they will be forced to ground all Fire fighting Planes. I do not recall this ever being an Issue during the 4 years under President Trump. Slowly this Clown will have affected most everything in our life. Sad!! the...
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    Even Heaven Is Disgusted!!

    The George Floyd Memorial Mural named "Take A Breath" in Minneapolis, was reduced to rubble when it was struck by Lightening Tuesday Evening.🤔