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    If you are going to the Long Beach Grand Prix, Dont forget your Mask.

    Circle boat races at Lake Ming in Bakersfield the same weekend. We will be there supporting GN369 and GN18.
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    Nice LBC Welcoming

    Biden just flew out of Wrong Beach. I let him know he’s still number one with a one finger salute!
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    Nice LBC Welcoming

    I was thinking the same thing plus the HO flew to SF last week to support Newsom. All on our dime plus all the local city costs for road closures and security. Millions of dollars pissed away.
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    Nice LBC Welcoming

    No.But Newsom flew in to LB with Biden on AF1. Hope Newsom gets his ass handed to him tomorrow but voter irregularities are already happening.
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    Open up big boy

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    Nice LBC Welcoming

    The local liberal newspapers didn’t even say where the Newsom rally was going to be held. LBreport was the only source that gave the correct LBCC location as we have two LBCC campuses in LB. The rally is closed to the public and access is by invitation only. Maybe Newsom is worried about...
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    Open up big boy

    American disgrace.
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    Biden comes to Long Beach

    Air Force One just flew by my house in route to LB airport. I was the only one to watch the plane go by on my block. What happened to the 80 million voters. I did flip Biden off as the plane flew over! Newsom needs all the support he can get since he can’t justify his own merits.
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    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

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    This happened today at a polling place today in Simi Valley

    We need voter ID nation wide to end this crap and vote in person if you can.
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    Trump - 9/11

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    So I did this........

    Where are you guys finding parts for these bikes? I’m buying my 1977 yz400 back from a friend l sold to years ago. It needs fork seals and fork boots at a minimum. It has been stored in his garage for years.
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    Gaetz, to Accept A Plea.

    Biden lied Democrats lie.
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    President Trump = Gaetz = NOPE!!

    The same Democrats should look at there own party starting with the impeachment of Biden and Sewell and fang fang
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    Biden Rocks!!

    The woke are starting to see the results of voting Biden into office. Our country is being lied to by Biden and the media but now even the media can’t cover up or spin Bidens mistakes. Biden has made the United States of America the laughing stock of the world.