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    Watch this

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    Who didn’t see this coming

    I can’t remember the term we use to use back in the day when someone came into a financial windfall and spent that money like it was never going to end. https://www.foxnews.com/us/black-lives-matter-infighting-members-demand-accountability
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    Biden hates white people

    If you are a white business owner Biden says tuff luck...
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    Does this 18 year old boat seem to be a little overpriced? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2003/lurssen-octopus-3581040/
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    Gov. Alyssa Milano

    Goveno Alyssa Milano has announced just a few of the new laws that will be enacted on January 1st 2030. 1. Reparations. This new law will require that those who are deemed to be “people of privilege “ also referred to as “White Privilege “ will be required to give up their domestic domicile to...
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    Joe is comprised

    Inside Hunters laptop. https://gtv.org/search/search_query=Hunter%20Biden
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    Canyon lake

    We had a golf cart Trump parade in the morning then a concert on the water in the evening.
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    Trump boat parade

    This is our 4th of July Trump boat parace.
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    This is your future?

    This is your future?
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    Steve Wynn

    Just passed Steve Wynns 300’ $210,000,000.00 yacht Aquarius.
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    RIP Sam Foose

    Unfortunately Sam Foose died today. For those that don’t know of him he is the Father of Chip Foose. I was fortunate enough to know him for the last 8 years or so and can tell you he was a hell of a guy, a big kid really. Sam was well known throughout the custom car groups and built many well...
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    Havasu channel water cannons? Problem solved.

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    This 90 foot boat just passed us going over 40 miles an hour.
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    Mission accomplished, now what?

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    Delaware River

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    Chesapeake City

    Kinda miss my old boat
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    Anyone interested? It’s for sale here in Canyon Lake

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    Cigarette as a tender

    Saw this setup yesterday in the Baltimore harbor. I don’t know if the cig is included in the asking price of 16 mil but it is one hell of a tender, t/t Checkmate. Btw, I got this picture from google because the one I took wasn’t as good.
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    Coming to Kingman