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    Abacos trip rough cut.

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    Anybody have a 17 Chevy Silverado HD 3500

    Duramax 4 wheel drive single wheel log bed? Just got mine, super happy with it. Gobs of power, rides really nice, finally Chevy has made the inside real nice and comfy, and its pretty dam loaded up in the High Country version. I added more factory options which is another thing Chevy has made...
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    Lake Shasta

    Heading to Lake Shasta for 5 days over the 4th of July holiday. Haven't been in 20 years, any of you Lake Shasta locals can point me in the right direction of what to see and where to go on the lake I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in avance.
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    Trip of a life time, June 2016 Bahamas Staniel Key.

    Three days only our families and I did a Exzumas Staniel Key trip June 4-18th, here it is thanks to 3DO. I highly suggest anyone interested in real Bahamas islands to do a trip to this incredibly beautiful place. By boat or plane just get there. 900 miles on my boat, what an experience.
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    Havasu boat storage.

    A while back someone was telling me there was a high end boat storage starting in Havasu. Launch and retrieve, clean up and detail, stock the boat, that kind of storage. I cannot remember who it was that filled me in on this nor the name. Anyone one got the info? Thanks in advance.
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    28's with Merc 1350s....

    After seeing the finished 28 SS Nordic with the 1350 on the SEMA thread I couldn't stop thinking about what a dam near perfect high performance cat this boat will be. You couldn't really ask for a better all around super performance cat for Havasu. That package you will be able to flat hammer on...
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    Any updates on the Nordic 28SS 1350 boat?

    This could be one very sick single engine cat.
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    Its just preseason Hockey but......

    For all the RDP Hockey fans, Kings and the Sucks 7:00 pm tonight. :D:D
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    Havasu bike to bars?

    Anyone know the date? If the dates not official yet I vote for the weekend of the boat drags. Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone with Cancun advice?

    Never been and its looking like I might be heading there mid September for my 50th. Whats a on the ocean baller resort so nice I don't need to leave it much for 4 days? Open to other areas just not more then an hour from the airport. Anyone been to the ME and is it worth the price? I've...
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    28 E ticket flat deck

    Anybody know the owner or info on the older white with a red stripe single #6 28? I'd post a pic but for some reason I can't get it to load. Thanks in advance.
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    21 Brummett going up for sale next week.

    My 21 Brummett V drive is going up for sale next week and wanted to give the RDP people first dibs. Any interest let me know. Trailer up was built by Carson. In respect to Carson and this boat I would like to find a good home for Eye of the tiger. Price 47k. Details, call me at 805-896-6886...
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    Who's the pool service guru in Havasu?

    Pool service in Havasu, service and repair, thanks.
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    2014 Havasu bike to bars

    Anyone know the date? Be great if its the boat drags weekend like last year.
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    Home stereo and audio business recommendations in Havasu

    Besides Sound bank anyone else good you recommend? Need some tune up and repair for my tunes by the pool, thanks in advance.
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    Funny Havasu renter story.

    I have two renters I rent my house to in Havasu. A snow bird for two and a half months in the winter and a friend of mine in the summer for maybe 4 or 5 extended weekends. Both leave my house like they weren't there. This past off season I had Sound Bank come in and do some up grading to the...
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    Crack off, Predator 1 versus Predator 2

    I hear a rumor floating around that Predator 1 and Predator 2 are having a crack off sometime during DS. Anybody hear this also?
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    39 Nortech CC Seven Maine

    Don't know how many on this site are into CC boats but I Just red over on the hull truth site that today they ran there first 39 with trip sevens, right out of the box, 6 guys aboard, 89.7 mph. I'd drag some pics over from tht but don't know how, sorry. Boats way nice. Seven marine has to be...
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    Daughters and Dads Havasu boating weekend

    April 18th-20th some buddies and I are doing are annual daughter and dads havasu trip. We started this 12 years ago, missed the last 3+ years and have inked it for this date if any of you dads are interested. The ages of daughters vary, so even younger will have a good time. The school kids are...