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  1. mesquito_creek

    New ramp at Powell

    Updates pics
  2. mesquito_creek

    Crypto Mining for dummies?

    Anyone doing any crypto mining? I want to run some rigs to heat my shop and/or RV in the winter with my excess off grid solar. I have about 20kwh of excess electricity in the winter. I am on a decent rural broadband internet at 50 mb, I speed test about 30mbps down and 20mbps up routinely...
  3. mesquito_creek

    Can't wait for boating season to finally start....

    Lots of rain today up in the Lake Powell region and Sept 1 kicks off the old guys boating season through the end of October!
  4. mesquito_creek

    60 day boat house build.

    Time, Quality or Price, pick any two! I choose time and quality because I don’t have years to wait on the price of things to go back to where they were because they never may. 50x34x16… 21 foot ridge with vaulted trusses. There are 10 pilings that at 24x48 under each truss foot and 40 yards...
  5. mesquito_creek

    Lake Powell launch ramp spy photos

    I "borrowed" this off of another forum. I wonder how legit it is to copy pics out of another forum? Anyhoo, concrete is your friend in this case! This will probably suck up every yard of concrete out of the area for a while! This picture is full credited to @Gramps
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    Bargin RV covers....

    45K and all you have to do is pull and pay for all the permits and any additional engineering... and don't forget about a level graded site before they show up. Southern Utah pricing....
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    Wahweep ramp last night...

    Wife and I hit the Wahweep resort for dinner last night and did a drive by of the ramp. I asked the NPS staff if there were any size restrictions beside house boats and they said no, Go for it (regarding my oversized express cruiser)... Anyhoo, the ramp look totally do able to me and the Aux...
  8. mesquito_creek

    Outdoor speakers on a RV

    Are stupid… seriously they are roached a few months, even the “marine poly” or whatever. Dumb… just had to get that off my chest.
  9. mesquito_creek

    Mid week Lone Rock LP…

    I am going to call the beach launch an intermediate/advanced move!
  10. mesquito_creek

    Any Rdp canucks seen these in Costco? … batterys

    Over in a solar power forum I hang around a Canadian is reporting these on the shelf at Costco. If a can tell what is written in what looks like french, these are the first 120amp hour lead acid group 27s I have ever seen. It’s a big deal if you are like me with a house bank and always want...
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    2001 Ford Ranger

  12. mesquito_creek

    G19 vs G43

    Is either California compliant? G19 (15+1) or G43 (6+1)... asking for a friend.
  13. mesquito_creek

    Anyone ever have a perko switch go bad?

    I think its the first time for me.... but I have a perko 2 battery switch failure. Is it a common enough failure to just replace it and forget about it or should I be looking for something that caused the failure. This is on a simple 350 chevy with 2 batteries. Is there a new modern upgrade...
  14. mesquito_creek

    How many hours to break in a freshly rebuilt 350?

    1987 era Chevy 350 .030 over. Flat tappet cam a touch more aggressive than your typical Rv cam. I will run the start up 20 minutes at 2500 rpm but I need to know the lake time under 3500 with variable speed and on the break in oil with zinc.
  15. mesquito_creek

    Another "what should concrete cost" thread?

    34 X 50 = 1700 12 inch footings 10 - 24x48 sonotube piers? .... 11 buck a foot based on the 1700 with all the underground mud sound reasonable?
  16. mesquito_creek

    Lake Powell state line report

    Blowing 15-20 but open and easy to launch!
  17. mesquito_creek

    Anyone have Pole Barn style RV cover plans they want to pass around?

    Thought I would try to pull a permit over the counter if i had something to submit before I paid and engaged a designer/engineer. It's on horse property, county only, no hoa etc... in a rural south Utah area. The person on the phone at the county said it was worth a try... 12 ish by 40...
  18. mesquito_creek

    RV solar enthusiasts, Flex Solar Panels

    I watch way too many YouTube videos on solar stuff. But anywho, one of my favorite guys is Will Prowse and he recently did some testing on flexible solar panels. He hates 99% of them, because they fail or lose too much efficiency. Recently I noticed he put a flexible panel on his...
  19. mesquito_creek

    LifePO4 batteries, anyone make the move yet?

    I am thinking about finally stopping to throw away money on lead acid and AGM. These are getting to my price point at $539. I would just isolate my load from stereo power amps and my fridge and charge off of shore power. I would leave a leadacid/agm on the starting circuit. They are not...
  20. mesquito_creek

    Rolling power blackouts in effect across Texas as massive winter storm drives demand for electricity

    https://www.texastribune.org/2021/02/15/rolling-blackouts-texas/ Fun Fact, Texas is the only state that doesn't have any interconnection with other states for expanded transmission capabilities...