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  1. franky

    Bimini Top

    Posting for a friend… Nice Bimini Top, all stainless hardware. If you washed it it would be 8.5/10. 80” wide 86” long 36” high. Quick connect mount fittings, straps, boot, complete. $800 obo. PM for contact info
  2. franky

    Antelope Canyon

    Been going to Powell for over 35 years and have never been until last week. It was our 43rd anniversary so bounced around the area and did the lower canyon tour. No crowd just us and a young knowledgeable Indian guide. Navaho Nation hence the masks. You walk a ways down to the entrance and down...
  3. franky

    In Bed Fuel Tank

    Came out of my 2012 Ram. 36 gallon. 17.25h 8.25d 58.25w. Was originally built (by previous owner) for outlander type vehicle so has mounts for shovel, pruner and air bottle. Gravity drains into stock fill tube. Dimensions do not include angle at top that has two bolts into bed and a tab in the...
  4. franky


    Electric Club Car. New cables, batteries, tires and wheels two years ago. Has charger. $1700 obo. Have nice trailer for it also. Good shape, new tires. $800 obo Located in Havasu
  5. franky

    PSA-Fire Extinguisher

    There was a post a while back about a boat fire and a couple boaters that responded and had useless fire extinguishers. Don't think of a fire extinguisher as a requirement, think of it as a needed safety device. Don't buy cheap plastic crap just to comply. If you have an old extinguisher or a...
  6. franky

    Riverside Peeps

    Burying my dad at Riverside National Cemetary June 23rd. Have a lot of family coming into town and I guess better to fly into Ontario? We are staying at the Hyatt Place in downtown Riverside and want to find a good brewery with food to hang at one night and then a Mexican food place that can...
  7. franky

    Newsom getting cock blocked

    ...by a tranny
  8. franky


    Great Movie, perfectly paced. 81% RT 92% liked. Went at 4:40 to the Star Cinema in the mall, big cocktail in hand, Two other people in the theater
  9. franky

    RR vs SxS

    Just read that a couple of SxS made a bad decision up near Golden Valley this afternoon. Waited for an Eastbound train to pass but didn't see the Westbound train. Three dead. FATAL VEHICLE/ TRAIN COLLISION- GOLDEN VALLEY On Sunday (4/4) at approximately 2:42 PM, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office...
  10. franky

    It’s good to be alive

  11. franky

    1099 Staff

    Sold my business in 1998 and have been out of the working game since 2001. Built a house for my Dad (he is 92) across the street and moved him out here three years ago and lately his health is turning. Been dealing with home health care agencies and am not impressed with how they do business...
  12. franky

    Lake Powell NGS stacks

    This morning they toppled the Navaho Generating Station stacks that have forever been in the horizon on the south end of Powell. So much for that navigational landmark. Google it, cool videi.
  13. franky

    2012 Dodge Ram

    2500 Cummins, 90k miles. Have CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, PO14C code. Had it reset and comes right back. My mechanic says "possible blocked egr passage, bad egr valve or bad O2 sensor Anyone been down that rabbit hole? Have appt with dealer Friday but if its not that big a deal I will take it to...
  14. franky

    PARKER 300

  15. franky

    Greatest Anchor IMO

    I truly believe that this is the best anchor we have ever used in over 40 years of boat ownership. I had one for years in my 250-S and lost it due to a cut line😐. I tracked down the guy that had them made and bought a bunch. I have a 23# in my 25’ and a 14# in my 20.5’. Best anchor I have ever...
  16. franky

    Trailer Decals

    Got the one side almost done, only took about an hour. Now the other side will be a different story, pretty baked on and cracked. What is the trick to get the baked on decals off? Thanks
  17. franky

    Havasu WiFi

    I just want to put in a plug for Wirefree Communications. After years of putting up with Suddendisconnect we switched to Wirefree two years ago. They come and set up a small antenna and since then we have had great service with few issues which they look into right away. After these hideous...
  18. franky


    0700 services. Home now. Ramp was going off when I got back to it.
  19. franky

    White Rim Trail - Canyonlands

    Anybody driven it? Experience?
  20. franky

    [WTB] SBC Mercury I/O Aftermarket Exhaust

    Looking for a set of headers (Lightening, CMI) or performance manifold (Eddie, Imco) for a SBC for thru transom exhaust. Thanks