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  1. PokerRun388

    Offshore boat race in Huntington Beach

    Is this the Rum Run? I thought I read on IG that a canopied Mystic 50 is running it? I remember way back when Team CRC MTI & Risky Business Skater both ran that event! It’s so cool to watch some of that old footage on YT..... I think I also remember Mr. Teague throttling the Lick This 46 back...
  2. PokerRun388

    Covid & Vax updates from rdp community

    I took my first COVID shot with Pfizer on 07/17. Well, yesterday 08/07, was my second Pfizer shot. I woke up this morning feeling a little down on energy, but not terrible & went for a morning walk, however as today has gone on, I’ve felt increasingly lethargic & tired..... not terrible but...
  3. PokerRun388

    Great threads from the past

    I was actually wondering what ever happened to Fatty? I hope she's doing well in 2021. She hung out on here for awhile & kept us entertained & then seemingly disappeared? For anyone unsure as to who Fatty was, she was an RDP girl hired by RD to work the street fair @ DS. Beautiful girl with...
  4. PokerRun388

    Flakey Uber drivers suck.....

    I don’t have a car right now so I’m relying on Uber all week to get me to work.... What a disaster this has been...... Each morning I’m getting ‘no drivers available in my area at 530am.. WTF? Two of them cancelled on me this morning after accepting my ride & the third guy took 25mins to get...
  5. PokerRun388

    CarMax in Irvine

    Just a quick update & we can put this thread to rest... I took my car down to CarMax-Irvine yesterday afternoon w/ my appraisal offer & told them I’d like for them to purchase my vehicle. They were BUSY as hell, so I had to wait about 3hrs, however it’s a very simple process. 1. Since my car...
  6. PokerRun388

    CarMax in Irvine

    I got an appraisal offer on my car Saturday at CarMax in Irvine & their offer was surprisingly high, IMO. It’s within 1k of what I paid for my car back in November..... Their offer is good for 7 days & has me thinking to turn it in at the end of this work week & move along into something else...
  7. PokerRun388

    BIG CATS Running to CardStop One?

    Is this happening today? Gary’s Skater 388ss? Spooled Up MTI 52? Lambo MTI? DCB 1550s/1350s boats? Top Cat Skater 368? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. PokerRun388

    Best deal of the boat show??

    Dave, I’m honestly not even sure why so many buyers feel it’s necessary to have a Mercury 520 pkg. in a deck boat, when a Mercury 8.2L 435HP/Bravo pkg. would seemingly do the job just fine & would save them quite on their total new build cost & on their insurance & still run in the 60s. After...
  9. PokerRun388

    Best deal of the boat show??

    I think the fit & finish on that CMG Caliber 1 265 Silver Deck looks very nice & I like the colors. I remember when the NEXT 26 came out in the mid-2000s & although it did look different, it was very user friendly for people to enter & exit from the rear transom. So, a 265 Caliber 1 is 139k w/...
  10. PokerRun388

    This Rain? WTF?

    Yea, I know, we need the rain, [emoji23] but damn, why can’t it just rain overnight & on the weekends? Not during work hours & commutes. Lol [emoji23] I guess more rain is expected tomorrow & mid-next week. [emoji943][emoji299]️[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. PokerRun388

    Eliminator Boats (Open House)tomorrow?

    Anyone going? 10am-4pm & temps around 80*. I might have to take a look at that Green 27 Standard Deck with the 540. [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. PokerRun388

    Lemon Law Vehicles? Ever purchased one?

    Would you (or have you) ever purchased a newer model Lemon Law vehicle with under 5k miles, at a major dealership like Ford, Chevy etc. & it’s still under a factory warranty & in some cases ‘no issues were found’? Or ‘repairs were made & vehicle is running as designed” & was signed off by a...
  13. PokerRun388

    I-40 West: 1am Truckers & Rice Rd: Gravel Trucks?

    Why do some (not all) of guys insist on pulling into the passing lane, just as a faster vehicle is approaching, when all they have to do is wait another 10 seconds & let me drive around & there are no other vehicles behind me or in sight at 1am? I felt like this was purposely being done for...
  14. PokerRun388

    Ford Focus DCT Transmission = POS

    Well it finally happened to me this morning. I get off the 405 FWY & the car looses all power & starts acting as though it will not go forward. I pull up to the signal & hit the throttle hard, RPMs rev way up & no power. I limp it to my work parking lot & won't go into reverse. Now it wouldn't...
  15. PokerRun388

    Skater 388 Predator 3?

    So yesterday I just happened to see some pics of the new Predator 3 Skater 388 & I was wondering if it’s okay to post them up? Or if Gary or RiverDave would prefer that they’re not posted on here yet? But P3s new colors look nothing like the old P2. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. PokerRun388

    Weekend traffic: 91 fwy & 15 Fwy Norco

    11am on a Saturday morning, stopped. Bumper to bumper at the 91/15 Split, no accidents, just too many people on the go. I’ll I was trying to do was make a quick cruise up to Eliminator to see some boats & take some pics. Left Mira Loma at 1pm & it was just as bad, cars, trucks & people speeding...
  17. PokerRun388

    Trump: "I thought it would be easier"

    Hey everyone, first of all I realize I don't belong posting in this section, however I heard this small clip on today's morning news & I was wondering if anyone else has heard this? And what do you make of it, if anything at all? I just thought is was interesting for Mr. Trump to be saying this...
  18. PokerRun388

    Police Pursuit

    Channel 5 now Or KTLA app.
  19. PokerRun388

    Police Pursuit

    KTLA channel 5, right now!
  20. PokerRun388

    Freeways in OC/LA/IE/SD?

    Friday Rant, I suppose.... Is anyone else sick & tired of just driving to & from work? My goodness, 5:30am & I almost got run over 3-4 times for going 68mph in the slow lane & headlights/taillights for miles... No one sleeps out here, I guess? And does anyone use their damn turn signals...