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  1. jadenchick

    Anyone in SD get hit by the microburst?

    Thundering in Newport. No rain, just sprinkles.
  2. jadenchick

    First trip with the Genesis

    Wow! Congrats!!! Love the color and the rims. Very unique.
  3. jadenchick

    Happy Wife

    Congrats! Love the color!!!!
  4. jadenchick

    Bro in-laws gift ideas?

    Does he golf? How about a round at Pelican Hill in Newport?
  5. jadenchick

    Stepping Stones - IE

    HD Supply? I can’t remember exactly what they sell. Sepulveda Building Materials.
  6. jadenchick

    Go On, Brag a little

    You won and you're still breathing? Impressive!
  7. jadenchick

    Baby boy has arrived

    Congratulations. Love his name!!!
  8. jadenchick

    I-15 fatal at oak hill

    That’s horrible!!! 😭
  9. jadenchick

    Exotic car Run today Sky Forest

    Saw you guys/girls on the 241 this morning!
  10. jadenchick

    Parental Moment...Eye-opener

    Holy cow!!! Good luck feeding them lol I remember my brother at that age, a bottomless pit and he was always hungry.
  11. jadenchick

    Boat blew up at Mead Marina

    That’s beyond scary.
  12. jadenchick

    HB Peeps!

    So glad your son is on the mend. The pictures are hard to look at…incredibly scary stuff. I hope he’s off the bike for a while. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  13. jadenchick

    What is the reason someone can never come on your boat again?

    Their kid scratched the boat. And they brought Doritos after I specifically said no.
  14. jadenchick

    Tasty Mexican food in Havasu?

    We like El Parisio’s a lot. We tried Javalinas and it was pretty bland.
  15. jadenchick

    GPS Tracker for toys and equipment

    Our fleet uses this: https://www.clearpathgps.com/
  16. jadenchick

    Corporate greed?

    It’s the up sell lol At the new Circle K off of Foothill in Corona the platinum wash is $17.99!
  17. jadenchick

    Happy Birthday Sierra

    Happy birthday!
  18. jadenchick

    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    What row are you on? We are L. We’ve been renting the same slip for 3 years now from May-October. We are on a waiting list to get one yearly because it costs less but none have opened up yet in the correct size.
  19. jadenchick

    Memorial weekend picture thread

    I want that Power Wagon!! I keep asking my hubs for one but the pricing is insanity.
  20. jadenchick

    Well we have surpassed 2006

    Wow!!!! I remember in 2016 those houses were 500-600k. We’ve stayed in the keys before and really liked it. We were in the back so it’a hard to navigate a bigger boat through there in certain areas