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  1. RJ65

    FL To Parker In A Moho 10 or the 40?

    I'd take the 40. The 10 has a lot of road construction right now in East Texas and Western Louisiana.
  2. RJ65

    Highways, byways and waterways of America - Summer '21

    I love road trips across the country! Safe travels and definitely enjoying your posts about your adventures.
  3. RJ65

    Phoenix area observation

    Hey you're in my neck of the woods, Globe. At least the woods/desert that didn't burn.
  4. RJ65

    Need input...

    Cochise Motorsports in Sierra Vista can smoke Ridenow price wise if you don’t mind the drive. Worth a call anyway.
  5. RJ65

    Current Situation - a picture thread

  6. RJ65

    It’s been a good run...

    Went through it twice last year. Never easy, in fact flat out sucks!
  7. RJ65

    Is there a shortage on everything? Here’s the list:

    RZR 4 seaters. Dependable workers.
  8. RJ65

    Lets see those boats

    Eliminator Eagle 280 XP. Pro charged 502.
  9. RJ65

    Hey LAM Boating Content

    Congratulations!! Have fun.
  10. RJ65

    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    I like the Joan Jett version better!
  11. RJ65

    So I made mention of a new magic box

    I got mine today. Working great, just so much to look at lol.
  12. RJ65

    Subway’s Tuna

    Of course he is eating a juvenile shark.
  13. RJ65

    Alabama or Ohio??

    Roll Tide!!
  14. RJ65

    Guns left in Kingman Walmart

    They pulled all of the guns and ammo at the Walmart here in Globe yesterday afternoon too. Here they weren't sold, just removed. Nothing but knifes and binoculars let in the cases.
  15. RJ65

    Roosevelt Lake

    All of us around here grew up camping lakeside. When they built the campgrounds, that all changed. The North end of the lake is the only area you can still do it. Right now the beach we camp on is probably under 30 feet of water lol. Better to have too much water as not enough though. We’ve...
  16. RJ65

    Roosevelt Lake

    That’s my local lake. I live 25 minutes away. Lake is higher than hell right now, really screwed up the lake side camping.
  17. RJ65

    What’s everyone’s plans for Thanksgiving?

    Family dinner, then the wife and I are off to Glamis for 3 days. All the kids are working so solo trip this time.
  18. RJ65

    Crazy Combos

    Purely accidental... took my granddaughter to vendors row in Glamis for ice cream. Hot fudge sundae with jalapeño juice somehow added. Delicious!!!
  19. RJ65

    Earthquake right now

    Watching the NBA summer league in Vegas and they stopped the game because of the Jumbotron swaying.
  20. RJ65

    Keto Diet - Working For Me

    Another happy Keto dieter here. Started at 317# and I’m knocking on the 60# weight loss door. I haven’t felt this good in years. If you get the Keto Flu, try a tablespoon of salt in a small glass of water. Usually helps in a short time. RJ