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  1. c_land

    Havasu Closure Coming??

    Waters of the United States. It is way above the county of San Bernardino to make a call like that.
  2. c_land

    Hurting Business Owners-Post up, lets help these RDPR's with new ca$h

    Civil Engineering Consultant serving Socal public agencies. We have 24 years experience serving large infrastructure and public works assignments. We staff 40 engineers, designers, construction observation personnel, and administrative support staff in four offices located in Temecula, Redlands...
  3. c_land

    New Rules in Riverside County

    The Coachella valleys number 1 rag lets this read like the sheriff is irresponsible for not enforcing the countries most retarded mandate...
  4. c_land

    Mountain Bikes

    This thread turned out to be expensive for me
  5. c_land

    Easement question for the all knowing?

    A friend did this with a very multi family situation in a socal city. Tied into the City system in one night. Started at 6PM and finished at 3AM. It’s going to be interesting when the water quality control board decides the property is required to come off septic and needs to connect to sewer...
  6. c_land

    Easement question for the all knowing?

    Will they let you connect the new accessory unit only to the sewer and not the entire property? If the calculation is based on square footage and not a flat fee there may be savings. Then come back when all the inspectors are gone and you have occupancy, connect your main house to the ADU line?
  7. c_land

    Easement question for the all knowing?

    My company does development review and outsourced plan check for a bunch of socal cities. We regularly see cities requiring connection to sewer when it is extended to within 300' of the PL and then they will also require the fees connection/impact fees. You're going to have a rough time getting...
  8. c_land

    New Rules in Riverside County

    Get fucked. I’m not wearing a dumbass mask. This has gone so far past ridiculous. Sorry OP not directed at you lol
  9. c_land

    Big earthquake in Idaho

    Don’t you fuckin do it 2020!!
  10. c_land

    What would you do? Chevrolet Silverado

    Get a second opinion and if it is junk, then swap it. I swapped a 5.3 in my old silverado, it was $2000.00 parts and labor in 2013.
  11. c_land

    Just listened in on Senator McSally's phone call regarding the Paycheck Protection Program

    If you are a business owner and trying to decide what to do if you see an impact from the Corona Virus, there is a loan program available as of today. The Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES act is a loan that the federal government is offering to help employers avoid layoffs. We are...
  12. c_land

    Mountain Bikes

    Get something light with 29" wheels. Around 30 lbs would be a good weight if you're getting full suspension.
  13. c_land

    My Nephew got it.. Temecula

    Understood and agreed. I hope you all get some good news regarding his situation soon.
  14. c_land

    My Nephew got it.. Temecula

    Hey RD. The vomiting has only occurred in 5% of patients so far. This very well may be something else. Still a chance it is Corona, but those are rare symptoms according to online sources. Hopefully gives you a little peace of mind and some sleep tonight.
  15. c_land

    Shit is Happening Fast!!!

    Making my first layoff tomorrow and sending one on admin leave without pay. Going to be announcing 20% reduced hours/pay shortly there after. This is gay.
  16. c_land

    Spring break and desert storm are officially canceled now

    Agreed. If BLM and Local Sheriff office decide they can't dedicate resources they will close it.
  17. c_land

    School me on Moab

    Here now. Getting ready to head out. This place is like Powell without the lake