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  1. Spudsbud

    I feel like Mark Watny.......

    Getting serious now. Tonite, we ran out of Ketsup :oops:
  2. Spudsbud

    Why wear a mask ?

    For all the asshole Neidermeyers you meet !
  3. Spudsbud

    Starship Troopers had it right !

  4. Spudsbud

    2019 F450. 5th wheel

    Reposting for a friend. I can get you in touch with him I'M me Jim
  5. Spudsbud

    Boating Content. Sunk boat

    Cruise ship vs Venez. Navy ! Cruise ship sunk Venezuelan Navy ship after being fired at and rammed. Don’t mess with RESOLUTE. | RCGS RESOLUTE - FleetMon Maritime News https://www.fleetmon.com/maritime-news/2020/29297/cruise-ship-sunk-venezuelan-navy-ship-and-fled-pro/...
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  7. Spudsbud

    While yer all confined....

    Grab your Sweetie and have a dance on ole Reg ! :)
  8. Spudsbud

    Boating for the "Sheltered"

    Yes, boating content..... https://www.boatingmag.com/story/boats/vintage-outboard-racing/
  9. Spudsbud

    HaaHaaa Cruise lines..... Bend Over!

    Hahaaa Cruise lines gittin Hosed Royally. Sorry..... youre not an American company. Aid is for U.S. only. OK.... fair I think. All those boats have foreign registery to legally dodge taxes 😅 F You boys !!!!
  10. Spudsbud

    Time to kill ? Surf abit

    Stumbled onto this site. No joining required. Bunch of neat useless stuff you never knew you wanted ! https://www.edcapparatus.com/?page=1
  11. Spudsbud

    DS Pix from a few years back.....

    a little reminising if you have the time....... why not I thought. 2017 i think... Street Fair https://zenfolio.page.link/wQLM8 The Channel https://zenfolio.page.link/Ya7TF DS Misc Wandering About https://zenfolio.page.link/5Jf8s
  12. Spudsbud

    Good morning from Chicago.....

  13. Spudsbud

    Cali, Wanna GTF Out !!

    Here... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/im-73-and-fed-up-with-california-i-want-a-gun-friendly-affordable-city-with-good-weather-where-should-i-retire-2019-10-15?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo
  14. Spudsbud

    Meanwhile, in rural Canada.....

    I have a guide buddy in Atikokan.bout an hour and a half NE from Int. Falls.Hes also the town's animal control officer. Busy weekend. Bears in town for the garbage/food happen a few times a year. Wolves are very rare. hungry and scary..... He's paid $500.00 each to "dispatch" the problem. :oops:
  15. Spudsbud

    No more eating, here in Illinois !

    Gov. just closed ALL restaurants ! Carry out only ! Scheesch !
  16. Spudsbud

    and the fridge......

    n 😅
  17. Spudsbud

    Request, Blythe Ca. area. Anybody?

    Near there? If I get you exact coordinates? Property drive by. My wifes Great Grand Father (1950's) acquired 100 acres Im told. Her Mom, now 83 wants to sell it. Taxes are really low so Im guessing this is plain dessert/scrub land ??? Its near a solar plant Thats all I got now. But I can get...
  18. Spudsbud

    AJ, yer place ?

    Looks good at nite 😁
  19. Spudsbud

    Face Masks.... scheesch....

    From the Experts One thing Parekh believes people should not be doing as part of their prep is rushing to stock up on surgical masks. “You should not be walking around with face masks. The individuals who need face masks are those who are infected, health care workers or those potentially that...
  20. Spudsbud

    Project boat !

    Are these guys nuts?