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  1. c_land

    Just listened in on Senator McSally's phone call regarding the Paycheck Protection Program

    If you are a business owner and trying to decide what to do if you see an impact from the Corona Virus, there is a loan program available as of today. The Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES act is a loan that the federal government is offering to help employers avoid layoffs. We are...
  2. c_land

    School me on Moab

    We are headed to Moad for 5 days in mid March with the family. We are hauling out the SXS to do some offroading. We will be staying at the Red Cliffs Lodge, which is just a short distance outside of town from what I found. No one in our group has ever been. We are going primarily to go...
  3. c_land

    Reliving 90s Motocross Glory Days

    brb getting my No Fear t shirts out.
  4. c_land

    High school fighters get TRUCKED by a Marine

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kcra.com/amp/article/stockton-marine-body-slams-fighting-high-school-students-california/29027142 Holy shit they got nailed. I think the kid in the grey (gray?) had his head touch the middle of his back. I would imagine some lawsuits coming from this. Pretty...
  5. c_land

    CRL waterspot removal on gel coat

    we have a boat that typically stays in the water on a dock for the weekend whenever we are out at the river house. After a few days in the water it gets pretty hammered by water spots especially in the darker areas of the gel coat. I typically pull the boat out before I leave, wash, then use...
  6. c_land

    Dredging near Topock today

    i can see a dredge running out near the marsh from the 40. Doesn’t look like it’s in the main river channel. Pretty cool to see them launching that mud 100’ out on to the bank. Take a look off to the northeast near the ag inspection station on the 40 if you’re going through today. Got a few...
  7. c_land

    Slow Hydraulic Jackplate and Trim

    This past weekend both my trim and hydraulic jackplate slowed significantly. Beginning of the day all was good and operating normally and throughout the day I noticed the jackplate and trim both slowing down to the point that I thought they would eventually stop operating all together. In...
  8. c_land

    LAM. Just bought my first boat

    someone traded this little Lavey in for a new Pontoon at Cactus RV. If anyone has any info on it let me know. I’ve only ever seen a few of these. Really nice little boat. I’ve liked these since I saw the Stern Panic Attack boat in Parker. Small boat with some good freeboard. I’m headed for...
  9. c_land

    Redlands, CA Civil Engineering job opportunity

    I re-read the forum rules here and didn't see anything about posting this.... sorry if its an unspoken rule... I'm not a hired recruiter. Looking to staff open positions at work, Engineering Resources of Southern California (ERSC). www.erscinc.com Three immediate openings for intermediate...
  10. c_land

    2007 Hummer H3 4X4 Leather

    2007 Hummer H3 83775 Miles 4X4 - Pink Slip in Hand - CarFax Available for Review - SMOG Cert in Hand for New Owner's Use - Complete Repair Records Available - Leather Seats - XM/Sirius Radio - Good Tires - No Paint Oxidation - No Mechanical Issues Great RV tow vehicle. $15,000.00 Located...
  11. c_land

    Arizona Peace Trail 2018

    Over the thanksgiving holiday I did the majority of the Arizona Peace Trail with a group of RZRs. I was asked a few times to do a write up of my experience so here it is. We followed the route (for the most part) available to download on the AZPT site: https://arizonapeacetrail.org/. We had...
  12. c_land

    Colorado River low water pictures?

    Does any one ahve any low water pictures from the lower colorado area? Needles, parker, havasu blythe? I found these from @shueman and they are really interesting.
  13. c_land

    UTV Underground/State of many forums today

    Just saw this morning the founder of UTVunderground is leaving. I used to go to the site quite a bit. It seemed like a lot of the racers had accounts and would post and dice it up with people who called them out. It was an interesting place to get an insider perspective on racing that would...
  14. c_land

    Ford V-10

    Looking at getting a different work truck and the fords with the V10 are coming up at better prices than the diesels. I'm not worried about the mileage and I like the idea of avoiding the CARB standards for diesel engines in CA, but am I going to be buying a grenade if i get one? I'll be...
  15. c_land

    Which inmate is this?

  16. c_land

    LAM. New tires and Wheels Polished

    got some new meats and wheels polished on the ol monthly payment.
  17. c_land

    Contractors and paying subs on time.

    If you're typically a subcontractor, what do you do to ensure you get paid in a timely fashion outside of leins/stop notices. I have someone that owes me about $8,900.00. Some invoices are 120 days outstanding. I finally threaten with a stop notice and all of a sudden an email shows up that...
  18. c_land

    [SOLD] 2015 Polaris RZR XP1000 4 Seat

    2015 Polaris RZR XP1000 4 Seat $22.5k (RDP Price) – Price is negotiable based on which parts are sold with the car. -Pink Slip in Hand -72.5 Hours -1273 Miles -This car was built and maintained to be comfortable and reliable. -The drivetrain has been kept completely stock and the ECU has never...
  19. c_land


    Selling stock walker evans xp1000 take offs. From a 2015 2 seat rzr. Completely stock other than stiffer tender springs. Stored in shrink wrap since removed. Nitrogen was recharged before stored. Spring colors are Blue and white. Rear shaft guards included. $550.00 Obo Will ship on buyers...
  20. c_land

    [SOLD] Polaris XP 1000 2 Seater

    2015 Polaris RZR XP1000 $18,750.00 OBO - Price is negotiable based on which parts are sold with the car. -I have all paperwork to verify all warranty/recall work, maintenance, and upgraded parts. -This car was built and maintained to be comfortable and reliable. -The drivetrain has been kept...