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    I’ve never been a huge street rod guy..

    😂😂😂 49 pages here we come...
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    CA school sit out Oct 18. Anyone?

    This needs to be done repeatedly and randomly, not just one day and done. Make an impact and make it hurt.
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    talk to me about sand hollow or pink corral sand dunes...

    If you are plated in AZ, that is also recognized in UT. We went in April, so can't really help you on the snow topic. We stayed at the Red Roof Inn in St. George. Cheap and definitely not multiple stars, but all we needed. Parking lot was a decent size and I had my U4 on a flatbed. Just made...
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    talk to me about sand hollow or pink corral sand dunes...

    Went to Sand Hollow in April. It was an okay trip, nothing fantastic. Friends of ours stayed in the RV park and we hoteled it in St. George. It's kind of a mix of everything there. Some hard pack, some rocks, some sand. Good views in a lot of places. One day we did a ride to Toquerville Falls...
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    Boating season ending soon

    Doesn't hurt to suck some antifreeze up into the system if you can do so easily. Better safe than sorry if one of those rare winters Dave mentioned comes along. Also keeps things nice and slippery in the impeller area. I also roll the engines over once a month or so. Not start them, but spin...
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    Need a cheap car

    I think Bpracing1127's friend has one he might be willing to sell...
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    Ventura county parents

    They need to be protesting at the capitol and accosting Newsom (since that's part of the process) every chance they get. The school districts don't have much of a choice in the matter and aren't making this decision.
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    Can you write off a boat?

    If you are looking to buy, I have a 34' Eliminator for sale. Has a sink and a compartment for a porta-potty if you wanted to put one in. I wrote it off as a second home for a few years before I paid it off.
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    Can you write off a boat?

    You can deduct interest on it as a second home if it meets certain criteria. I believe those are a sink and operational toilet. Maybe a couple of other things. Realistically, the IRS will probably never check. It would have to be a legitimate business expense for that type of deduction. I don't...
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    Kids these days....

    Sounds to me like he got a cheap lesson in how divorce can work. Ask her to get married, she says yes, she turns into a bitch, and he has to pay anyway. Very valuable life lesson if he looks at it the right way!
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    Open MCOB Style Boats

    It's been my experience with Eliminators that they tend to keep a lower profile/overall height. On my 34 you have to bend down a bit to get into the below cabin. On a 34 Advantage I was in you could walk right in to the cabin. The Advantage was a much taller boat overall. Same with my 43...
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    How Did You Become "Conservative"?

    I was raised and taught that if I wanted something I had to work for it, nobody owes me shit, and what I earn is mine. Kind of sums it up.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    God damn it, Dave. This topic almost fell off the first page and I thought it might have actually died finally. Nice job.
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    Who Else Broke Summer 2021

    Don't know if it's "broke" in the harshest sense, but last trip a couple of weeks ago I started getting a tapping coming from the upper portion of my starboard engine. Probably a lifter, rocker, or broken spring. Waiting for Team Archer to clear a parking spot and I'll have them check it out to...
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Oh, those are lotto tickets. At first look I thought they were the invoices for every Speed car spot you have. No winners? With all the money sitting on that table it looks like you would have just broken even if you won anyway.
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Well you already invaded my beach in August. I guess I could tolerate you on my NV trails too. 😄
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Yeah, of course I'm only talking shit. I actually don't have an opinion one way or the other on the whole Speed deal. What I saw at the sand show were some improved designs though. Trailing arms, for example. Way better than radius rods or whatever. I saw good stuff and bad stuff on them. What...
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    4 seat speed UTV

    This is true. I'm not even positive I could fit your cooler in my new boat. Ha! Well, I look forward to that spectacle happening in 2028 when the cars actually start getting delivered. 😂
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Almost. It's not 4WD. Some of us don't have kids and how much storage do you need out there? I don't need to bring a pair of crutches, a walker, and a case of smokes...😂
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    4 seat speed UTV

    Right. Because I'm the one typing paragraph after paragraph here. 😉👍