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  1. Jyruiz

    496 Heating Up On Me, It Was Not The Impeller

    Last time I was out on the lake, about two weeks ago my temperature would get to 180 degrees at 3k rpms and would rise even more if I went above 3k rpm's. So I kept the boat under 3k rpm's and figured the impeller needed to be replaced. Well, It was the heat exchange gaskets, check out the...
  2. Jyruiz

    Who is this by my work?

  3. Jyruiz

    2012/13 Dodge Durango, any good?

    I am looking for our next SUV and I really like the new Durangos, but I have zero experience with Dodge products. The boat is only 1 1/2 miles from the launch ramp, so I was thnking about the V6 with the tow package, it claims it can tow (Crew/Citadel) 7400lbs, which is 200lbs more than my 2001...
  4. Jyruiz

    Caught the Sucker!

    Here is the possum I encountered and hit while working in my house crawlspace. I actually caught two, the first one at 9:37pm and was as big as my hand, this one in the pic at 10:35pm and was a lot bigger. It doesn't look like it in the pic cause he is afraid and cornered, but it was. When I...
  5. Jyruiz

    I need to catch an opposum under my house.

    I was running speaker wires under the house and I hit an opposum with my right arm, I think it was sleeping and I woke it up. It ran away, but now I have to catch this thing. I found where it is getting in from, but I don't want to seal that area without knowing if it is gone. What trap...
  6. Jyruiz

    Front Load Washer and Dryers Question.

    Should I go with steam ones, or not?
  7. Jyruiz

    Free Booze

    If you see anything in the picture you want, come by and get, I will not be saving anything for anybody, first come first serve. PM me if you want to come by, I am in La Mirada.
  8. Jyruiz


    How is everybody doing these days?
  9. Jyruiz

    Free 16 month old Yellow Lab.

    PM me if interested. The Lab is male and not fixed.
  10. Jyruiz

    AC Help

    Our AC unit works, but only if I hold that part down I have pointed too in the pic. The unit is a Rheem and besides it having an schematic inside, I don't know the model number of the unit, the sticker on it has faded. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Jyruiz

    Props to Ivan Dan.

    :thumbsupJust wanted to give him some props for helping us with our home purchase. Dan was really helpful, informative and patient, never tried to talk us into any of the properties we looked and had our best interest the whole entire time. Dan would drive from Corona to Whittier, La Mirada...
  12. Jyruiz

    Arizona to allow concealed weapons without permit

    I don't have a problem with this, Good for AZ.:thumbsup
  13. Jyruiz

    Well, I did it

    I purchased a Ruger 10/22 and a Stag model 1 AR-15, as well as ammo. Now time for me and my son to take a gun safety class.
  14. Jyruiz

    Introduced my son to the AR-15, pics.

    Told him I would give him $20.00 if he hit a bowling ping about 40 yards away, well, he nailed it with his second shot and I was $20.00 lighter. Also shot a Sig 9 and a Ruger 10/22.
  15. Jyruiz

    Is this Ranger a good deal?

    I am looking at this one for the family but I don't really know much about them, how about some input. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/1342102079.html
  16. Jyruiz

    Well, my brother left for his tour in Iraq today

    My brother is my hero and I will miss him dearly for the next 400 days he will be gone. Thinking about it really hurts, but I know he is doing this for our freedoms. God bless him and all military personel who give up so much for this great country.
  17. Jyruiz


    LMK if you are interested and I will put you in contact with the person giving them away.
  18. Jyruiz

    Bridge over Hoover Dam pic.

    Took this on Wednesday, our tour guy said it won't be finished till around 2012, not sure if it is true or not. Water level is pretty low too, check out the background of two of the pics.
  19. Jyruiz

    Mrs. Jyruiz paging Woody

    This is Mrs. Jyruiz paging Woody We had a great time with you and your dad this weekend. Thank you for everything. You are one funny dude. Just remember that next time I won't be so nice. I am going to find the funniest picture that I took of you and post it on the forum if you don't give...
  20. Jyruiz

    RiverDaves Friend Request Feature, Question

    How does it work? I mean, when somebody sends you a friends request and you accept, does that mean that you are automatically added to their friends list as well?