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  1. rvrrun

    Boatless for the first time

    It sounds like someone needs a 60 year old Nylox.
  2. rvrrun

    What month’s best to sell the boat?

    It’s definitely not November through February. I’ve only had a couple questions on mine and nobody out to look at it. Hopefully, it will sell in the next couple months.
  3. rvrrun

    Upgrading the stereo multimedia player

    Our new boat uses the same JL head unit but it’s controlled through the touchscreen most of the time. Once I paired it, it worked flawlessly.
  4. rvrrun

    These guys where out Saturday looking for the parking lot

    We saw them too, we were on the opposite side of the channel on the left side of your first pic. What was the snorkel/periscope? ...or is it a sail
  5. rvrrun

    auto fold up truck steps. which ones?

    It was stupid easy for me but I build cars. I would be willing to bet there’s a YouTube video for every application, watch it a couple of times and you’ll be fine.
  6. rvrrun

    Water ski info, wanna get back up.

    I’m going to try to get up again as well. We bought men’s and women’s Butterknives, but the HO fusion was on our list as well. The forum posts I was reading claimed that the big daddy would be easier at first but you’d outgrow it quickly. The other one I read up on was the HO hovercraft. It...
  7. rvrrun

    auto fold up truck steps. which ones?

    AMP’s have been on my truck for 5 years and no problems. I don’t know about your truck but they had two kits for the Ford. One plugged into the OBD port and the other tapped into the door triggers. I did the hardwired version and installation was a snap. They also hang lower when deployed than...
  8. rvrrun

    Water Ski Thread...

    The new boat has a pylon on it and it supposed to make a nice flat wake so we picked up his and hers at the boat show and I’m setting a goal to get my ass in shape and ski again. They said these were a good beginner ski, we’ll find out when it’s warmer.
  9. rvrrun

    What in the hell is this ...

    It looks like a good start on parting your wallet with a huge amount of cash.
  10. rvrrun

    Anyone want to boat today??

    I thought I saw that new boat when we were out yesterday, but didn’t know you were up. There seemed to be a bunch people on the water for feb. We headed to springs for breakfast. Even with the heater and walk through dam it was cold. Julie is in love with hers.
  11. rvrrun

    Havasu Carne Asada

    El Corral definitely! ...great breakfast burritos too
  12. rvrrun

    COSTCO Concierge vs LG 65" OLED FYI:

    With a fancy name like “concierge” it has to be good. That sucks that Costco won’t warranty TVs the easy way anymore.
  13. rvrrun

    1960 Nylox Runabout

    I'll be in Havi this weekend if anybody wants to see it.
  14. rvrrun

    1960 Nylox Runabout

    How do you expect to buy a boat when you don't answer your PM's!
  15. rvrrun

    Corn flakes and masturbation

    ...but what about masturbation and Cheetos?
  16. rvrrun

    So what you drive does matter

    I loved the looks on the moms faces when I’d pick up my girls from school in the van. It was the perfect vehicle when they were small.
  17. rvrrun

    Being sick sucks....

    I just got over it a couple of days ago. One week out of commission and my wife says “it’s just a head cold”. It wasn’t the flu or corona, but it sure as hell wasnt a head cold. Get better.
  18. rvrrun

    ThunderCat on Craigslist

    My wife said she wants to ride monkey on one of those.
  19. rvrrun

    Valentine’s Day gift ideas

    Normally, I would stop at my favorite florist and have them make an arrangement and then drop that off at work for her. That’s never been a bad idea. However, we will be in Havi picking up her new boat so I think I’m covered this year.
  20. rvrrun

    Waited all day for this...

    I’m putting the finishing touches on the “ass groove” in my recliner, trying to recover from the mother of all head colds.