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  1. Gordyd4

    Payroll company recommendation

    Currently I use ADP. Does anyone in Arizona or CA have a recommendation on a payroll company? I'm so done with the shitty customer service at ADP.
  2. Gordyd4

    Garage door tech needed ASAP

    My RV door is all jacked up and I need help. Looks like the cable came off which I’m assuming there was another reason it came off. I searched a few threads and called numbers but nothing, called a couple places I googled but kinda getting, well, not sure if guys can come out today. Anyone know...
  3. Gordyd4

    Need new 4x4 DRW 1 ton truck

    Buying another boat, but this one requires a 1 ton truck to pull it. Seems like the Ford dealers don’t really care to sell trucks and the Ram dealers are willing to be reasonable on pricing. Any referrals on dealers. looking to buy in the next week.
  4. Gordyd4

    Cessna TTX

    Anyone here flown or own a Cessna TTX? Got a few questions.
  5. Gordyd4

    Havasu hangers for sale?

    Anyone know someone that’s selling a hanger. I’m interested in buying one. Bigger the better.
  6. Gordyd4

    New custom pool build architect needed

    Looking for a pool architect to design our pool and back yard. Going to build 100-120 Lin-foot pool at our North Pointe house, massive grotto with bar inside, Spa, shuffle board, Fire pit, Misting systems, full outside bar, fire features in rocks. I Have the basic design in my head but need...
  7. Gordyd4

    Looking licensed commercial drywall and electrical co.

    Starting a 68 room hotel remodel in Santa Monica in the next few months. Will get reframing of bathrooms, adding to lobby; everything on the interior going down to studs. Looking for. Demo company Electrical company Drywall company figured I would put it out here first. pm me if interested. Gordon
  8. Gordyd4

    Custom garage cabinets

    Looking to have the first stage of my garage cabinets built in LHC. I went to one supplier, and I won’t say on here, but they would not supply me with a detailed written quote. I’ve been burned by a couple businesses in Havasu where I didn’t get what I thought I was paying for, and won’t let...
  9. Gordyd4

    Looking for Plumber in the Camarillo area for commercial work

    Looking for licensed plumber to set 100 bathtubs and install new shower valves. Tubs and valves will be supplied. Schedule will be 10 units every three weeks at same location. Existing tubs will be removed ahead of time. Job will start in the middle of September. Payment in 7 days of completion...
  10. Gordyd4

    Looking for real estate agent for rental property

    Heading to Havasu tomorrow. Going to start looking for another rental property and also purchase a 50ft storage rental. I figure I'd ask here first. Any agents on here that are interested? Thanks, Gordon
  11. Gordyd4

    New Ford F-350. Looking for deal on new truck

    looking for new F350 Limited or Platinum dually. Anyone have a suggestion where to go.
  12. Gordyd4

    Stone siding on house. Need to find someone

    need to find someone to install stone on the bottom 42” of my house in Havasu. Any recommendations?
  13. Gordyd4

    Insurance from Andy at EP

    A thank you to Andy at EP insurance. He insured my F32 I just bought and he was great. Was several hundred $$$ less than a couple other companies and he seemed very honest.
  14. Gordyd4

    Dealer recomendations for New F250

    Looking possibly at a new F250 purchase. Anyone know where the great deals are?
  15. Gordyd4

    HTM company boat

    What happened to the ladies HTM boat on the way to Pirates yesterday? Was smoking out one of the exhaust pipes while they were stopped. Hope it was nothing major.
  16. Gordyd4

    SXS rentals

    Anyone have a recommendation where to rent a SXS in LHC?
  17. Gordyd4

    O2 bung installation in Havasu

    Need O2 bung installed into a double wall tailpipe of my a stainless exhaust. I'm gonna pull the tailpipe off, just need the bung installed. Any recommendations?
  18. Gordyd4

    Anyone know where I can get a deal on a new Yamaha scooter? So cal or Arizona

    Looking for a 50 or 125 to run around with at the drag strip.
  19. Gordyd4

    Swimming pool chiller

    Anyone have one and what kind of temp can you get your pool down to in July and Augus?
  20. Gordyd4

    Premier Party Boat double deck with slide

    Selling our 31ft 2007 Premier Marine RE 310 WIDE DEK party boat. This boat has been the most fun of any boat we have ever owned. It's rated for 24 people. If your looking for the ultimate family lake boat, here it is. New this boat is $137,000, we are selling ours for $55,000. I will post pics...