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  1. TrollerDave

    Stock Chevy wheels, clear coat peeling off

    Anybody else have this issue? 15’ Silverado my old 05’ Equinox had the same issue. I’ve looked at other trucks with the same wheels and haven’t seen any this. Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I just wash them with soap and water. I talked to the local wheel repair place and he said...
  2. TrollerDave

    Anybody want a souvenir?

  3. TrollerDave

    Made in Taiwan...

    Apparently they don't make Schwinns up "fat boy" specs! Second time I've broke the frame. Last time was where the seat tube meets the bottom bracket. Then I also broke a pedal which almost broke my foot (don't BMX in flip flops). Maybe now this will convince the wife I need a Big Ripper!
  4. TrollerDave

    Boat Magazines

    So, I was at the grocery store and went to check out the magazine section. I look to see if they have any boat magazines. They got one. "Wood Boats" They got 6 different mags about quilting and knitting, 8 about tattoos, 9 about guns. 1 mag was even about knives. Are there that many more...
  5. TrollerDave

    RV campground that will launch your boat?

    Is there an RV campground, anywhere from Bullhead to Blythe, that will launch your boat for you? I don't want to have to launch the boat with the motorhome. And I don't want to bring my truck just to use at the ramp. So, I was just wondering if any campground had a launch service.
  6. TrollerDave

    Opinions on Eastvale (Corona,CA)

    I know there are some people from here that live in Eastvale and I would like to know your opinion on living out there. Is it worth the traffic, (we go to Chino and Placentia alot)? I know the wind is bad. What about crime? I had a friend that lived there and said don't move there because of...