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    Cool 76 Blazer/Camper

    Bid on it right now on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1977-chevrolet-blazer-7/?fbclid=IwAR1LZb8T1h1sFSi6VKcytS7LLFi-uncmhVFzNld9OoSP5y2YH2uF2QWFrm0
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    Mobile rv repair guy needed

    Bennett’s in Havasu he’s a solid tech and reasonable
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    No More Testing For Public Sector & Contractors

    Fuck you! you fucking asshole!
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    Outdoor speakers on a RV

    What outdoor speakers does everyone recommend for the ones on the side of my Toyhauler? Mine melted in Parker a few weeks ago
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    RV Slide out and structural repair in So Cal

    Thanks for the help guys! I’ll give them a call
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    RV Slide out and structural repair in So Cal

    Messed up my slide and corner of my trailer, now it won’t open. is there a good repair shop in So Cal area? The Manufacturer is in Oregon, rather find someone local in so cal Thanks for the help
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    The Tire Man - Havasu

    Nick and his family are great to deal with. cheapest prices on tires I’ve found, always takes care of me fast and always with a smile! Nick’s a fellow boater, honest hard worker, with a commitment to his customers and Lake Havasu. Go see them if you need tired in Lake Havasu, be happy you did!
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    Tesla Powered EV Marine 350 OB test

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    where to get SxS tires in Bullhead or Havasu today?

    The Tire Man 1850 industrial blvd. Lake Havasu City 928) 733-5555 Give Nick a call he does allot of UTV Tires Really good guy and reasonable prices
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    Happy Hour, Happy Hour going in for a complete makeover

    Thank you for the update! You’ve done an excellent job on this resto-project! Can’t wait to see it on the water
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    Happy Hour, Happy Hour going in for a complete makeover

    Updates it’s been awhile? Is this work of art in the water yet? How’s it run? Love to see more pics of this beautiful Campbell Thanks!
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    Five Feet?

    Thank you to all that have answered, it all makes sence now why? More towing capacity Bigger Trani More stable in wind I'm going for the tag axle rig set up, what's another 5 feet anyways😜 😳😳😳😳
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    Five Feet?

    I am so confused, need real world RDPadvice. I have a small 4x4RV set up. I've been looking at class A The one I'm looking 45ft., has a tag axle C12cat The other Same manufacturer, 40ft. same interior layout, Single axle C13cat Same cost I see 5 feet and extra tires, that's it, is the...
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    Queen of Canatards!

    Canada the PC Bend Over Country fem fucks! Your fearless leader at her finest!
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    Ashes to Ashes!

    Ashes to Ashes!
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    ICON A 5

    For around $250k I would by one of these
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    Is this truly possible?