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  1. ltzcrew

    2003 Tremor

    i did, turns out not many people are running tremors like this. apparently mine was the only one to leave the factory with more then 500hp *from what i have heard and they can recall*
  2. ltzcrew

    2003 Tremor

    got the orignal 28 labbed, ring cut down and blades thinned out - past that i think its still a 28. boat still leans like a MF, if i trim it way up itll flatten out but starts to slow down - i think a shorty is next red line is full trim down, blue line is normal running at its fastest...
  3. ltzcrew

    Anyone have a list of components to swap from a mercruiser setup to a gm marine ls setup?

    if you get a full motor package it should be plug and play besides a sea pump their is a billion places they make SBC to LS swap stuff
  4. ltzcrew

    8.2 HO vs 520. Shockwave Tremor

    if you can do it, do it! i had a 575 in mine that got rebuilt after one year of use for more power.... hell the write up on the main page is about hopping up a magnitude
  5. ltzcrew

    Well that escalated quickly.....

    looks great, what was the valve spring issue if you dont mind me asking ?
  6. ltzcrew

    [WTS] Labbed 31.5 pitch prop.

    any other work done during the labbing?
  7. ltzcrew

    Hallett 255 (customer build) Merc 565

    any numbers on what she ran
  8. ltzcrew

    [WTB] 28p LH

    no one?
  9. ltzcrew

    [WTB] 28p LH

    Looking for a b1 or hydro 4 blade left hand rotation. No hub or set up for a 1.25 shaft Have a worked 30RH could trade
  10. ltzcrew

    Standard hub size

    Any one know what the stand hube size is. Like the square portion/ bore in the propeller that the hub kit fits into?
  11. ltzcrew

    2003 Tremor

    got a worked over bravo 30P, stamped as a 31 on the boat. ran slower at all speeds and slip was super high. so back to the drawing board
  12. ltzcrew

    [SOLD] Bravo prop 30p labbed by HILL

    was it cut down at all?
  13. ltzcrew

    28p Hydromotive Q-IV-X

    Come with hub? What was it run on?
  14. ltzcrew

    Hatch options

    here's mine, hides the motor well and gives it some nice space , its open in the rear center to the swim plat forum witha slot maybe 3 inches all and 10 wide to make sure the motor can breath
  15. ltzcrew

    2003 Tremor

    well got it out and running got 83mph at 5400rpms. limiter is set at 6100 so im thinking im in the 90 ball park just have to learn how to deal the amount of wind at that speed and the torque roll. more throttle i give it the more it leans. cant seem to get it to break free and flatten out...
  16. ltzcrew

    Hatch options

    do a small bubble one. mine has it and its not bad. have to watch where you step when its wet or it acts like a slide haha ill post pics of mine tonight
  17. ltzcrew

    DCB 28Extreme

    this maybe a stupid question, but is the Bimini sitting on top of the supercharger or does it have stops to hold it up?
  18. ltzcrew

    2003 Tremor

    slow going but its in and running, sounds super nasty- cant wait to open it up and see what it can do. like any project found a new issue, wont get into gear now that its all assembled haha. with the leg off everything moves smooth and fine so im thinking its that dented ball in the leg...