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  1. dread Pirate

    Sonoma Nationals

    Anyone going? Stop by the jr dragster display and say hello if so,,
  2. dread Pirate

    Piece Of Top Fuel History

    Bet it's been awhile since any of you have see this,,,
  3. dread Pirate

    Sonoma Raceway Last weekend

    Sonoma is starting up a jr program for the first time in several years. Stoked to be a part of it. My son parked it on the dance floor Sunday doing what he does..
  4. dread Pirate

    DPR Jr Dragster Update

    Was asked for an update so here ya'll go,,,, 2019 wasn't a big year for us. Had to stay close and regroup after a long 2018 season and make some needed repairs and upgrades to the tow rig and trailer. Aiden did manage to run away with the points lead and sealed the Samoa track championship for...
  5. dread Pirate

    NHRA Sacramento May

    We wil be racing during the National Open in Sacramento this weekend. Come on out and day hello. It's a Divisional race for the kids and there will be a lot of em!!!!
  6. dread Pirate

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

    My 10yr old son took home his 1st win of his career. Been to several finals, but had never sealed the deal! So proud of this kid!
  7. dread Pirate

    Pedal Porn

    Something for you machinists and other fans of trick shit. This is my daughters new jr dragster throttle pedal. Almost identical to what you would see in a pro stock or fuel car. The amount of adjustability is insane!
  8. dread Pirate

    Irwindale Raceway This Weekend!

    We will be racing at Irwindale this weekend for the Division 7 Jr Dragster series if anyone wants to come out. Hoping I have the cars close enough to dial as we haven't run yet this year. Going to give it our best either way.
  9. dread Pirate

    #1 Spot To Visit In The U.S. In 2018!

    Lonely Planet named Humboldt County and The Lost Coast as the #1 destination to visit in 2018! Kinda cool, but I already knew that as I live here,,, https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-us Yeah I know the link has adds and they want you to sign up for their giveaway trip,,,,
  10. dread Pirate

    Englishtown Raceway Closes,,,

    Old Bridge Township Raceway in New Jersey, home of the NHRA Summernationals, abruptly closes. Know to most as Englishtown and the birthplace of East Coast drag racing. http://www.dragzine.com/news/the-end-of-the-road-for-englishtowns-raceway-park/
  11. dread Pirate

    Happy Birthday Lemmy!

  12. dread Pirate

    Sonoma Raceway Brings Back Jr Drag Racing!

    They are bringing back the Jr's!! It's been several years since they have let us run other than exhibition during the nationals. Now we have a full series again. So stoked for this. Guess it's an early birthday present for this crew chief!
  13. dread Pirate

    Shooting At Tahoma Elementary School

    WTF is wrong with people!!! At least 3 dead,,,, http://www.redding.com/story/news/local/2017/11/14/reports-shooting-rancho-tehama/862125001/ edit; Tehama Elementary School
  14. dread Pirate

    8 Year Old Jr Dragster Diver Passes Away after Accident

    8 year old Anita Board crashed during a licensing pass in Perth Australia this weekend. I can't imagine the pain this family is feeling. With all the safety we have in these cars it's hard to guess what went wrong. It's a reminder that it can happen and to remember to hug your kids and tell them...
  15. dread Pirate

    Fires In Napa

    This is going to be an interesting day,,,,, Huge fire out of control near Santa Rosa and outlaying areas. My FIL is in one of these areas and refuses to evacuate. 101 is closed from another fire, so my wife can't get down there. Which is probably a good thing,,,, He says he's going to ride...
  16. dread Pirate

    DP Racing In Las Vegas Spet 15-17th

    We will be racing in the Jr Finals if anyone wants to come out. :thumbsup
  17. dread Pirate

    DP Racing In Barona Aug 18-20

    We don't get to So-Cal often, but will be racing a Division 7 race in Barona August 18-20th if anyone wants to come down.
  18. dread Pirate

    Had Some Fun In Fallon!!

    ,,, and my 9yr old took 2nd. :champagne: Made a bad call on his dial in in the final or we would have taken the win, but that's racing. When the data says one thing and you do another, well,, :rolleyes Was a huge learning curve running above 4000', but all the kids managed to go some rounds...
  19. dread Pirate

    Fallon Nevada Drag Races This Weekend

    It's a Division 7 National Open and D-7 points race for the jr's. Anyone else going to be there? We'll be pulling in to the track early Friday.
  20. dread Pirate

    Sacramento Races May 5-7th.

    Just letting folks know. This is a Division 7 race for several classes. Come find us in the pits.