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  1. 79hallettsprint

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    I prefer the KX 500's here is my restored 1996.
  2. 79hallettsprint

    2019 KTM 450 XCF

    2019 450 XCF bike has 53.9 hours. Pink slip in hand and registration just paid to 2023. Bike has been very well maintained just changed the oil, checked valves, and changed out the in tank fuel filter. Bike is super clean. Some extras are HD tubes front and rear, IMS desert tank, AXP skid...
  3. 79hallettsprint

    Old School and New School C10 Silverado

    My buddy Tim Gresenti did a lot of work to the blue truck very sano work. His Son is Trevor form Big League Racing.
  4. 79hallettsprint

    CHP officer needed to verify a VIN number

    My work schedule is prohibiting me from getting over there before they close. AAA wont do it any longer from what i was told by them. Also went to a stand alone independent lady in orange she attempted to do it but was told it needed to be done by CHP. The frame number matches but the motor on...
  5. 79hallettsprint

    CHP officer needed to verify a VIN number

    Any forum members active CHP that live in the orange county area that I could meet up with to verify a VIN number on a motorcycle so i can complete the registration? Im in yorba linda and would meet you somewhere to make it easy.
  6. 79hallettsprint

    Banks twin turbo hallett jet

    nice boat love mine
  7. 79hallettsprint

    No more Adelanto GP?

    The last "real" Adelanto GP was put on by the Desert Vipers MC in 2010. After unreasonable demands from the city and the club having not havig the internal support we needed. We decided to end it after 30 years. The circus as we called it was a great time. After the event was idle for a few...
  8. 79hallettsprint

    Who's got the best price for tires in OC?

    Go See Alex at DNA tire and wheel in Orange (714)357-4502. Great guy with honest prices.
  9. 79hallettsprint

    1985 Jeep CJ7

    Price drop $13,500 need this out of my garage
  10. 79hallettsprint

    1985 Jeep CJ7

    Ok, lets try this again price drop to 15K OBO.
  11. 79hallettsprint

    1985 Jeep CJ7

    85 CJ7 everything has been rebuilt on this ready to go Jeep. New fuel injected inline 6, rebuilt 5 speed manual trans and transfer case. Rebuilt and re-geared diffs. New fuel system including tank. All plumbing and wiring has been replaced as needed. Fresh paint on tub and lineX inside the tub...