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  1. pieyed

    Desert Storm Shootout

    Gary Stevens 168
  2. pieyed

    Desert Storm Shootout

    Jones-174.5 gray / white skater
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    Change my mind...

  4. pieyed

    Change my mind...

    I kinda like how these run though.
  5. pieyed

    Tim McDonald Trial

    Like I said before, he only got me for $4,500. 00 but the judge nailed him for 3.5 years on that one count. Not justice for all, but that is a stiff sentence for that amount. That is a very satisfying photo.
  6. pieyed

    Pictures from our track at Area 27

    You can get a free membership to this facility if you buy this place. Seller has a place in Havasu also,
  7. pieyed

    Tim Mcdonald update.

    Count #1 was essential a summary of the scheme. Count #4 was a class 3 felony in the amount of $4,500.00. Got 3.5 years for count 3. Still not enough.
  8. pieyed

    Tim McDonald

    From the DA.... The jury finally came back at 2:30 informing the judge that they could not agree on all counts. The jury found the Defendant GUILTY of Count #4, Theft as a Class 3 Felony involving victim Mike Kramer and Not Guilty on Count # 3involving Kevin Murphy. The jury could not agree on...
  9. pieyed

    Tim McDonald

    10 to 2. There were 2 jurors that felt that was the way you run a business.
  10. pieyed

    Tim McDonald

    Hung jury on all but two counts. Retrial coming in 60 days. Guilty on one, not guilty on the other.
  11. pieyed

    Tim McDonald

    “The case finally concluded with closing arguments and final instructions at 4:40 p.m. The jury is coming back at 9:30 tomorrow morning(Tuesday 3/3/20) to begin their deliberations” Think I’ll hang out in the court room tomorrow and get some justice.
  12. pieyed

    Tim McDonald

    He is in the court room today. Lost money on that one.
  13. pieyed

    FOUND- Spare tire for SxS

    Buddy found a spare sxs tire out on the trail in Havasu. Size, brand and location to claim.
  14. pieyed

    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

    Went by at 11:30 with one cop standing guard. Came back by at 4pm and there were 2 cops and the ME was heading south when we past Bashas.
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    Funny shop/garage pranks or stories

    New guy in the fab shop welds up a bracket that won’t hold shit and looks even worse. He gets a pretty good ribbing about it and decides to throw it in the trash. The next day when he shows up to work he finds the bracket welded to his work bench. He’s not amused and proceeds to grind it off and...
  16. pieyed

    Redneck yacht club

    “There was a saunter of swine in that video“ Fixed it
  17. pieyed

    Moving to Boise ID. Looking for info

    Boise is great, but everyone heads to Havasu in the winter.
  18. pieyed

    Mid summers night roll call

    Pieyed +5, in two boats. Put us down for three total meals though
  19. pieyed

    Old Extreme Boats, Performance Boats, Poker Runs America, Powerboat and Hot Boat mags

    Do you have a copy of Hot Boat, Oct. 2005? Should have the Joker boat on the cover.
  20. pieyed

    KID ROCK..... Front rolls tkts

    Found these being sold out of a card board box at the local flee market in Aztec NM