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  1. fishing fool

    1/4” ABS sheet

    I’m looking for 1/4” ABS sheets at least 32”X48”. Does anyone know where I can get it from? The place I get it from now is no longer caring it and Amazon is double the price.
  2. fishing fool

    Need a cheap car

    https://www.bradleyford.com/used/Ford/2006-Ford-Fusion-c533dc450a0e09af47d7bc5b1e76b96b.htm https://mohave.craigslist.org/ctd/d/lake-havasu-city-2006-bmw-530xi/7392678568.html https://mohave.craigslist.org/ctd/d/lake-havasu-city-2005-nissan-altima/7392625924.html...
  3. fishing fool

    Need a cheap car

    Have you tried looking here https://thetoysyndicate.com/ ? This is a great place to sell and buy......
  4. fishing fool

    Jon Gruden

  5. fishing fool

    The Refuge

    I see have seen some lots that are priced right if not lower then normal. Would it be good to pick up one and have a house built there now?
  6. fishing fool

    Vaccine card

    When I got my first shot they told me to take a pic..... I have mine on my phone...
  7. fishing fool

    Trailer Light Sorcery . . . I beat the Hex !

    FYI..... If you have to back up a 5 pin trailer (trailer brakes) and you don't have a 5 pin plug, you can turn on your lights and plug the plug into just the last pin of the 4 pin. The last pin is lights on a 4 pin plug which will give power to the 5th pin trailer brakes and will allow you to...
  8. fishing fool

    Ceramic coating maintenance?

    Thanks, Just ordered a gallon. Love chemical guys
  9. fishing fool

    Halletts In Havasu 2021 Photos are up!

    The pic of @Melloyellovector running at speed looks good....
  10. fishing fool

    So who's been up all night?

    I work every Sunday. I go in at 6pm on Sunday. Not too bad I guess
  11. fishing fool

    So who's been up all night?

    Always graveyard. Every other Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday
  12. fishing fool

    So who's been up all night?

    And I'm up at work once again......
  13. fishing fool

    24 P prop

    Revolution Four 4 blade SS prop 23p - boat parts - by owner - marine... (craigslist.org) This will run better then a 24 bravo.
  14. fishing fool

    So who's been up all night?

    Once again I will be up all night working.......
  15. fishing fool

    So who's been up all night?

    Up all night at work....
  16. fishing fool


    Why is it that the audit is only recounting ballots??? I am sure the numbers are 100% correct.. (if not very close) The real audit should be if the ballots are legit ballots. Not democrat replacement votes........
  17. fishing fool

    Well what do you boys say.....

    Would look cleaner if wires were hidden and just come thru to be connected. my $.02
  18. fishing fool

    Havasu Landing Input Please...

    Here is the address of where to go. The parking lot is big if driving a motorhome pulling a boat. 1520 Courtwright Rd, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440 Thalypo Here is their web site fortmojaveindiantribesmokeshop.com
  19. fishing fool

    Havasu Landing Input Please...

    Mohave valley just over the bridge in Needles will be more then $1.00 cheaper.