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  1. AZLineman


    Who picked this up? I saw it on I40 east bound between 95 and Kingman yesterday late afternoon. Looked clean AF.
  2. AZLineman

    Tow boats

    This is the only towboat I approve🤣
  3. AZLineman

    Question for Boat Cop

    So apparently from what I hear (I was not there) there was a wakeboard boat on Parker yesterday pulling a 3 foot plus roller down the river with no one in the water just partying a long causing havoc on docks and some small river rods. I know one person said they stuffed a sponson on a Daytona...
  4. AZLineman

    WTB SBC Procharger crank pulley/spacer

    Anyone have one?
  5. AZLineman


    So Schiada has been reduced to etc huh? WTF Dave 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hard to believe. Here i thought the hits for the year were quite possibly over plus an absolute f ed-up election and now this....... Sad times. There goes the value. Time to sell out like everyone else i guess...... Fuk no! Never!
  6. AZLineman

    More Democrat BS.

    This time in the great state of Texas.
  7. AZLineman

    Need a 2xl lifeline

    If anyone has one stashed away not being used. Thx.
  8. AZLineman

    WTB-Pontiac Big Chief Valve covers

    Anyone have some lying around? Cast only. No fabricated type. Pics below.
  9. AZLineman

    Outlaw Nattys @ Sundance

    Who has the info on this as far as times and such? LaPaz dealio too. I get thats its “River time” but need an idea and no one seems to kno.
  10. AZLineman

    Lake Havasu Drag Racing Assoc

    Dave, What happened to it? With all the bitchen hot rods and old drag cars stashed in garages around town i am suprised there is not more going on with hot rod shit besides Thurs main street and Weinersnitzel on Sat morn. Maybe we need RD’s street drags🤷🏻‍♂️ Or if you have a hook up on part of...
  11. AZLineman

    Plexi windscreen

    I had Ron in Havi make these quite some time ago for a 27 Daytona project that is long gone. Kind of a universal fit for many older boats. Great for old jets too. I never had a center piece made to make bow access easy so that drunk f er on your boat could not break it. Lol. I also set them on a...
  12. AZLineman

    Tucson Schiada owners roll call

    Who is this? Was behind you on Tanque Verde yesterday morn.
  13. AZLineman

    New cav plates in the works

    Been wanting to do this for years and since im crippled for a while fig i would get the project started. Using 3/16” 5052 material and new billet stainless pillow blocks from Phil @ D21 too. It will be a coup weeks before i can touch it again but looking forward to it. Going to do a new exhaust...
  14. AZLineman

    Protective adhesive sheeting/film

    Where is everyone getting it? Redoing cav plates and need it. I see blue and white on here and I see a green product at the drag strip on all the off-the-showroom floor cars running. Help please.
  15. AZLineman

    Protective adhesive sheeting

    Where is everyone getting it? Redoing cav plates and need it. I see blue and white on here and I see a green product at the drag strip on all the off-the-showroom floor cars running.
  16. AZLineman

    Foot rests

    Show me what you have and where from. Looking for ideas and want to see whats available or ideas to make my own. Thx in advance.
  17. AZLineman

    HallCraft Hexbar parts

    Does anyone have any upper brackets, pillow blocks or feet? Need some turnbuckles too. Txt me at 520-275-3912 if you do. Thx.
  18. AZLineman

    [WTS] 14x28 Mercury Maximus Prop $800

    Perfect Maximus prop with vent holes, plugs and diffuser machined off. Flawless and sharp. $800. My 28 Powerquest loved this prop, my 2950 Lavey does not. Settled on a Hydromotive P5x.
  19. AZLineman

    Desert Heat 21RC going

    Hate to see it go but its time First $8500 takes it as is with new tires and lights working. Trailer needs work or replaced. I would easily repair it. Same Competitive that I have under my yellow RC. It has had gelcoat issues since Lonnie created Desert Heat from the green 21RC it once was and...
  20. AZLineman

    Next weekend

    Any one hitt'n the water?