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  1. Nordie

    First Construction Site to Shutdown Las Vegas

    It appears that they are only shutting down due to supply issues LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Madison Square Garden Company on Tuesday announced that it is halting construction on its MSG Sphere venue in Las Vegas as a result of COVID-19. The company said that it would implement a temporary...
  2. Nordie

    Oil Based Paint

    Why is it kicking my ass? I'm trying to finish these floating shelves and I cannot get the desired finish on them (orange peel). Water based is not an option. I did break down and buy a HVLP gun, but maybe my settings on the gun are wrong. I'll check on them later to see if they leveled out a...
  3. Nordie

    eNascar Race on FS1

    Did anyone else watch it? It was pretty entertaining, not the real thing, but having a bunch of drivers together racing with the regular hosts of Nascar on FOX.
  4. Nordie

    Thousand Words

  5. Nordie

    Drive Thru Strip Club

    Little Darlings never dissapoints. Now they have a Drive Thru, and Saturday Night is Hand Sanitizer wrestling. https://www.ktnv.com/news/little-darlings-strip-club-to-offer-drive-thru-strip-shows-nude-hand-sanitizer-wrestling
  6. Nordie

    Wash yo Hands!!!

    That is all!
  7. Nordie

    Mobile Alabama Leprechaun...

    Happy St. Patty's Day everyone lol
  8. Nordie

    Not bad for an Ironworker

    Someone asked me if I could build them some custom shelves. I think they're turning out pretty well. I opted to build them as a floating design to match the contemporary design that is happening in her laundry room. I setup my table saw and miter saw to match each other, also made sure the...
  9. Nordie

    How to Grocery Shop

    Smiths in Northwest Las Vegas Send wife on a hunt for water and TP Sit at bar and wait in grocery store.
  10. Nordie

    Break time Biden discussion today

    When your apprentice realizes Joe Biden is a creeper, and turns in a safety card with this shit lol
  11. Nordie

    Prius gets Revenge!!!

    Bye Felicia! KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A Kansas City man was killed Friday morning when the car he was trying to steal from fell on him, police say. Police and an ambulance responded to a parking lot along Baltimore Avenue near Seventh Street in reference to a stealing and someone who needed...
  12. Nordie

    Oldie, but a goodie...

    I thought more people knew about this... Anyhow this is the project engineers truck, I built this little device and had a great laugh. He drove around the dirt lot touching his brake pedal trying to figure out why there was a horn honking. Next the hood went up and I fell down laughing. Two...
  13. Nordie

    JetBlue Airlines

    The wife and I will be going to her sisters wedding in July, I have never flown JetBlue, but I am considering it. Would it be better to just stick with Southwest? Vegas to Charleston SC is the flight.
  14. Nordie

    Doing the Job and then some

    NFL on George Toma Hopefully the facebook link works...Pretty interesting quick documentary on George Toma NFL groundskeeper still doing it at 90 years young. https://www.facebook.com/68680511262/posts/10158130577786263/
  15. Nordie

    Clemson vs LSU

    Awesome opening ceremony, should be a great game.
  16. Nordie

    We need more of this!

    Kid gets in trouble and gets sentenced to boot camp. https://www.ktnv.com/news/crime/former-student-charged-with-threatening-las-vegas-school
  17. Nordie

    Good for this gal...

    She gets to live and tell the story... https://www.fox5vegas.com/news/local/woman-fatally-shoots-burglar-in-southeast-las-vegas-valley-police/article_b7d5393e-29c2-11ea-ae5c-6bc312001aad.html
  18. Nordie

    Home Alone Today

    Anyone else home alone today? We celebrated Christmas yesterday as a small family. My wife was off yesterday, and so we had her daughter at the house for Christmas. Her dad picked her up last night, and my wife has to work today. Debating if I want to go to the Casino for lunch or something...
  19. Nordie

    Damn Neighbors

    I guess I am getting old, but my neighbors behind me decided to throw a party. They throw about 4 a year. Anyhow they had the music fucking cranking last night, I said oh well its not 10 pm, but I can tell my wife was getting irritated. Wel I fell asleep around 10 and woke up at 2am because the...
  20. Nordie

    Proud of my guys

    Our company partnered with The Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Unit to do a toy drive. Well my guys showed up this morning and did a damn fine job. As a small company here the office is stacked full of toys, and I have to haul our collection to the office. Feels nice to give back, it...