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  1. jeteater1

    No more surfing

    Saw a 4 car caravan of people with surf boards going down the 371 and 79s . They are in for a big shock, news just said ., All beaches in Ca. are closed and the first 1000 feet of water from the beach out is closed.
  2. jeteater1

    Rc boat trailer's

    Do any of you guys have trailer's for your rc boats ? I'm going to build a trailer for my cat.
  3. jeteater1

    Offroad Swap meet

    Went last year and got some stuff for a friend.
  4. jeteater1

    Speedway live

    Speedway from the Grand https://livestream.com/expocenter/speedway2020
  5. jeteater1

    455 Olds Headers

    455 olds thru transom headers $ 600.
  6. jeteater1

    KOH Desert Invitational

    Fast trucks today
  7. jeteater1

    KOH every man challenge

    Something to watch in the background today .
  8. jeteater1

    More KOH today

    Sorry for all the Koh post , when your stuck in the house with a back injury there's not much to watch on tv.
  9. jeteater1

    Koh shoot out live now

  10. jeteater1

    Koh every man challenge qualifying

    In case you didn't know.
  11. jeteater1

    KOH can am's

  12. jeteater1

    CAN-AMs live KOH

  13. jeteater1

    Saturday speedway

  14. jeteater1

    KOH weather

    Not looking as cold as last year .Except for wind, make sure to bring cup with a cover . Might I suggest one from the RDP store.
  15. jeteater1

    Tulsa shoot out and chili bowl

    Now on MAV tv. Something to watch.
  16. jeteater1

    Good Sunday morning

  17. jeteater1

    Bye bye Miller

    Miller leaving California after 40 years.
  18. jeteater1

    Hwy 371 closed

    371 is closed at Wilson valley , do to a hit and run with a fatality . Wife has to take the long way to work in Temecula. I hear it's backed up going north almost to 79south .
  19. jeteater1

    79 South

    https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/1-person-killed-in-crash-involving-downed-tree-on-sr-79 Be careful if going out the 79 South today , we have 40 to 50 mph winds going on today.
  20. jeteater1

    My kind of Star Wars