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  1. wishiknew

    Mohave Valley carpet installer

    need 600 sq feet installed
  2. wishiknew

    Holley carb rebuilder In IE

    Have a holley 4776 carb that sat to long need rebuild ASAP Thanks
  3. wishiknew

    RDSUX Sighting

    5 pm today 91 fast track black 2002 Chevy lifted saw him cut in last minute thought that’s the last I see of him but no about 10 Miles he is beside the road with CHP
  4. wishiknew

    Bravo 21 pitch 4 blade prop

    where to buy ??????
  5. wishiknew

    jacob Shinners Grave

    any one know the story about Jacob Shinners grave on mount baldy road ???
  6. wishiknew

    Schaida baseline upland

    yesterday I was on baseline and saw a Schiada on the trailer un hooked from the truck with the trailer laying on the ground I stoped and talked to the guy and he told me he just towed it from Shasta the receiver on the trailer had broken out the front cut the brake cables and ground off the...
  7. wishiknew


    How do you upload pictures ?
  8. wishiknew

    [WTS] Whipple 2.3

    Whipple 2.3 Dominator carb intercooler manifolds misc parts 2K
  9. wishiknew

    What did Grads do to screw you over personally

    So he makes some porn posts and he is a Trophy husband why does everyone want to burn him at the post? Jealous ?
  10. wishiknew

    [SOLD] 2013 Chevrolet 3500

    2013 diesel 3500 LT Dually miles 144845 Duramax and Allison very good condition 27K
  11. wishiknew

    2007 rhino with turbo

    Anyone have a rhino with a turbo more to come
  12. wishiknew

    Lath and Plaster

    Lath and Plaster looking for square foot price for budget # 4000 sq foot 2 story home mohave valley az
  13. wishiknew

    Directional Boring

    Any one know a company that does this ???
  14. wishiknew

    RDSUX sighting

    Black truck maybe eliminator boat Crazy Kat on back hwy 95 near Fort Mohave
  15. wishiknew

    LG washers and dryers

    Good or bad ?
  16. wishiknew

    House painter I.E.

    Looking for high end clean house painter
  17. wishiknew

    Windshield go guy ?

    Need a windshield and side window for 2011 tahoe Located in Claremont Ca
  18. wishiknew

    Checked baggage

    Is alcohol in checked baggage ok on delta from Ca to Florida
  19. wishiknew

    Happy Birthday PaPaG

    Happy Birthday Just wish I could buy you a Breakfast Burrito Lol your friend
  20. wishiknew

    New IRS scam #

    This guy is hot today 224 330 3281