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  1. UltraLucky

    [WTB] 26p 4 blade for bravo 1

    Bravo FS is also a good fit for the Hallett 210. Mine did not like the standard Bravo 1.
  2. UltraLucky

    Where to buy.....

    If you can find a Chinese Supermarkets near you most are fully stocked. People seem to be avoiding them. 😷
  3. UltraLucky

    Any hawaii condos, timeshares, homes for rent in May?

    Here now, what island are you looking at? I would go VRBo or Airbnb and contact the owners directly. We were able to extend the days on the big island. Stayed in Waikiki for a couple days for buisness and where moved up to a 2 bath ocean front suite for minimal difference.
  4. UltraLucky

    Coming to Hawaii? Want a Corona? No worries....we are starting to stock up here.

    We are here now and noticed the same thing. Restaurants were pretty empty in Waikiki and hotels offering upgraded rooms/suites. This mornings sunrise in Keaukaha
  5. UltraLucky

    Has corona virus affected your household?

    No problem with dinner reservations or hotel upgrades here. Flights sure got cheaper teal quick.
  6. UltraLucky

    No AirBNB on parker?

    Lots of air bnb available on the Arizona side.
  7. UltraLucky

    Offroad Swap meet

    Nice spot for a swap meet, this was from the Fall one last year. Recommend getting there Saturday afternoon evening. King is usually cleaned out by Sunday morning.
  8. UltraLucky

    New Project on the way. Land Rover 109

    Congrads, looks like a cool project.
  9. UltraLucky

    White Trailer to Black To Silver

    Very nice:cool:
  10. UltraLucky

    Here's the beef 2.0

    So cool to follow your story see what you guys have built. Looking forward to the pickup, my freezer has been empty to long.
  11. UltraLucky

    Just had my first Popeyes Chicken sandwich

    This is a new chain that just opened by us. Kicks Popeye's ass and don't have to worry about a fight breaking out in the place while your waiting on your order. http://www.clydeshotchicken.com/
  12. UltraLucky

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Shiges Saimin Stand. Wahiawa
  13. UltraLucky

    Trailer color

    Yup same boat same trailer most of the same gel also.
  14. UltraLucky

    Bravo fs pro finish

    The cutting edge 4 blade works well but I spent quite a bit of time getting it dialed in. Auggie was great to work with and kept tweaking it till I was happy. The standard Bravo 1 is a great prop for alot of applications just created to much stern lift on my boat with a straight vee. would...
  15. UltraLucky

    Bravo fs pro finish

    26 Bravo 1fs = 24.5 actual pitch. This is pretty typical with the Bravo1 props.
  16. UltraLucky

    Bravo fs pro finish

    Yes same pitch. Cutting edge 4 blade on the right Bravo 1 FS on the left.
  17. UltraLucky

    Bravo fs pro finish

    My boat, a Hallett 210, responded much better to the FS prop v the standard Bravo 1. The FS has the flare on the diffuser trimmed which creates less stern lift. Great overall prop for my boat.
  18. UltraLucky

    Trailer color

    I Vote silver or gray.