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  1. bagged97taco

    Havasu help finding a silver Jeep Liberty. Mid 30s white male with tattoos on his left arm....Hit And Run

    My buddy and his family are staying in Havasu right now They rented a house on blue crest drive. They were crossing the street with their 4 little kids and a car came hauling ass around the corner and hit one of the 4 kids ( 4 year old little girl). She was rushed to the hospital and looks...
  2. bagged97taco

    Country thunder 4 day passes.

    I have 3 qty 4 day country thunder passes I’m not going to use. Anyone in need of tickets. I’ll make a deal to an RDP member.
  3. bagged97taco

    Chandler peeps?

    I know it’s kind of late notice, but the bmx track we are racing at this weekend hasn’t been very helpful with the RV situation. So looking for input at hotels around the area or even better an rv park or place to camp at for Friday to Sunday. If we do the rv thing I would rather not dry camp...
  4. bagged97taco

    Lake lice ????

    Long story short a friend of the family rents a house boat, wake boat and 2 jet skis for a family vacation. Kids are out on jet skis jumping the wake of the boat. Well you know what happens next, family friend now owns 2 2021 wrecked jets skis. Deemed totaled from local dealership. He is...
  5. bagged97taco

    Holy grail!! Unicorn!! Or crazy?

    https://www.tanqueverdemotors.com/details/used-2001-ford-f-250-super-duty/77517784. Discuss away gentlemen
  6. bagged97taco

    Dual carb billet air cleaner

    Looking for a dual carb spark arrestor or k&n style air cleaner. Need it to fit 4150 carbs and spacing is 8 5/8” Anyone have one they want to sell.
  7. bagged97taco

    Bloody beers??

    This is my new go to! What’s everyone else drinking.
  8. bagged97taco

    Bmx racing

    Both my kids are into bmx racing, looking to upgrade my sons bike. Since covid hit you can’t get hardly anything new. So seeing if anyone here has a good junior 20” bike they would sell. My son just got his 10th win, so he moved up to intermediate class. I’m in Tucson but willing to travel or...
  9. bagged97taco

    Serious question

    Long story short. My buddy and I sitting at foxes enjoying a perfectly cold coors light and a damn good cheese burger. He taps me on the shoulder and tells me to look down river.... no shit my exact same boat is hauling ass by us. 100% exact gel scheme Cole 250. Wtf. Called the wife to...
  10. bagged97taco

    Looking for a blower motor or blower setup

    My buddy just got a new boat and is looking for a blower motor or a blower setup , manifold, blower carbs etc. it’s going in a 21 Daytona jet. Anyone got anything laying around? Preferably an 8/71 or larger. Thanks for any help.
  11. bagged97taco

    Wtb jayco seneca

    Looking for a jayco seneca. 2013 or newer. Looking for a bunk model or the Ts model. Anyone have one and looking to sell. I’m in az but willing to travel for the right coach Thanks paul.
  12. bagged97taco

    Cl find.

    I know people are always looking for these. Good price if someone needs them https://mohave.craigslist.org/bpo/d/lake-havasu-city-hubcaps/7245535733.html
  13. bagged97taco

    Anyone in the glass business?

    I’m doing my shower enclosure glass and looking to have 2 pieces of glass made for the pony wall. No one local can make what I’m looking for. They all sub it out. I have a few questions also. Just a DIY guy here trying not to pay COVID prices for some small glass pieces. Thanks.
  14. bagged97taco

    Kids quad

    Looking for a kids quad. Not picky on brands. Looking for a 80cc or 90cc. Doesn’t need a title but would like to have one. I’m in Tucson but willing to travel in AZ or possibly so cal
  15. bagged97taco

    Our Havasu trip

    This video was made by our friends young son. He is super talented and a bad ass mt bike rider. He has a YouTube channel and wants to hit 200 followers. If you watch to the end you get to see what my 5 year old son sees when at the lake.
  16. bagged97taco

    Looking for a prop ASAP

    My buddy is in Havasu and just messed up his prop. Looking for a 4 blade 28p prop for bravo 1. I’m headed to Havasu now but I only have a 24p spare. He has a place at the beach comber. Call or text me 5204299528
  17. bagged97taco

    New favorite song. **NSFW**

    . Pretty catchy tune
  18. bagged97taco

    Anyone in Yuma?

    Any members in Yuma this weekend. This is my first time to the lower river. We are at a friends place on Martinez lake. Place is pretty sweet so far. Could get used to being here compared to local lakes in Phx.
  19. bagged97taco

    Rack storage

    New rack storage after a monsoon hits the area!! That’s a lot of carnage
  20. bagged97taco

    At my neighbors shop!

    Saw this at my neighbors house today. Had to turn around and check it out. Anyone here know this boat?